Elections to Central Council and Regional Council. Prakash Kotadia CA. Tehmina Sharma CA. Umang Someshwar CA. Vaishali Mane CA.

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Dubhash Marg, - 6. National Stock Exchange, Bandra E - 8. Finance Insight CA. Email Management CA. Saturday Efficient use of internet search engines CA. Dushyant Bhatt M: Features of Power point CA. Sunday Features of Microsoft word CA. Yashesh A. Amendments made by Companies CA. Lecture meeting on Domestic CA. Updates on Accounting Standards CA. Manish Dedhia M: Stress Management and Time Ms. Sanjay Sardhara M: Direct tax Amendments by CA.

Note: All Convenors are requested to send their forthcoming programmes only on e-mail Id wircevents1 gmail. Chartered Accountants was established in Interested candidates can mail their resume on below mentioned email ID as per the preferred location:.

Mumbai: hr. Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has prepared a common checklist for Audit. The new, i. India voting percentage. Region-wise voting percentage was India , out of which in polling booths the voting was held on two consecutive days.

There were 83 candidates for Central Council from different. Regional Constituencies and candidates for five Regional Council s. Consequently, ICAI has recently submitted the details of fake and deceased.

ICAI has reported that However, such resident India n close relative joint account holder shall not. The term "export out of India " would. In respect sales by the branch. No effect is to be given to the addition made by the Assessing Of ficer as per the. Bechtel India P. The maximum the Assessing Of ficer can ask the assessee is to. Hence, this is not the deciding factor regarding place. Hence, both the situations are. In terms.

The AO denied the benefit on the ground. In the A. Rallis India Ltd. It is a universal truth that to achieve progress, it is necessary to put a plan in place, design strategies and take necessary steps for. In doing so, certain bottlenecks would come in the way, but it is essential to persevere and stay put in the plan,. This applies in equal measure to all individuals, organisations and even nations. Hence, applying this analogy,. In a departure from the past, the plan for the year was to undertake such activities that would be different.

Hence, WIRC took giant. WIRC set up this exclusive networking forum to facilitate greater interaction and capacity building of CA.

Till date, quite a few CA members and CA firms have found his forum expedient thus have. The cascading effect of. Professional firms to create their video CVs. This will enable them to showcase their technical knowledge. Many young CAs have. WIRC, in its constant endeavour to provide improved services for members and students had negotiated and.

In this initiative, too, the overwhelming response is a testimony of the. Inaugurated by CA. Rahman Khan, Former Deputy. President, the Conference saw more than participants, dignitaries, guests and invitees attend the same.

The high quality in. Thus, this classroom training programme is steadily and surely gaining popularity among the CA. Regional Banking Summit: An exclusive Summit was conceptualised and proposed. Thus, by virtue of its large number and also its initiatives and programmes, some of which are given below, WIRC, is definitely.

Western India Regional Council of. Direct Tax. Hence, continuing with the initiative of the last year, this year also, chain programmes of. WIRC, with its large membership of members and students is required to facilitate them in many ways and that too on a continuous. Hence, various activities and programmes were planned and executed during the year, the highlights of which are listed.

The response to this course during this year has. One day Seminars and Workshop for CA students on various topics which are of relevance to them.

L-R : CA. Pawar, RCM,. Vikrant Kulkarni, CA. Jaydeep Shah dated Others CA. Jamnagar: CA. Amravati: CA. Jaydeep N. Heda, CA. Khandelwal, CA. Prakash Warde, CA. Vijay Jadhao, CA. Vishnukant Soni,. Mother of Ms. Prema, Mr. Kaul, CA. Dhananjay, CA. Sarda CA. Pranay Kochar CA. Ashish Chaudhary CA. Nilesh Vikamsey Shri H. Jorapur Shri P. Mahalingam CA. Deepak Jagetia Mr. Anil Reddy Mr. Dhruv Goyal Mr. Venugopal Verma Ms. Sarvani Ms. Monisha Sarathy Ms. Divya Baskaran.





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