Velociraptor-Free Workplace 30 46K 2 Today. Published: Oct 19, I have no idea who first came up with this idea, but I have seen pictures much like this [link] around the interwebs and quickly realised I needed one in my own office. It has a print-friendly size, make sure you download the whole thing and keep your working environment safe! Image size.

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Top definition. Velociraptor unknown. Velociraptors are the most intelligent species of dinosaurs. However, their version of the Cold War forced most of the velociraptors to escape into space once a high caliber explosive was sent their way. Being such an advanced civilization, the velocirators were able to survive in space and travel from planet to planet. This explosive was responsible for the extinction of every dinosaur except for the velociraptors, of course. Although the other extremely-advanced velociraptors blamed the explosion on a meteorite , they died from starvation and life was restarted.

Now, there are space dinosaurs. Jun 4 Word of the Day. FDT name. Fuck Donald Trump. FDT he's the most ignorant racist person ever. The dinosaur version of a ninja. Once you see one of these things, you're pretty much screwed. Holy shit! A velociraptor! Everybody run! The best type of dinosaur. Person 1: I love velociraptors. Person 2: I don't love velociraptors. Person 1: Well everyone else does , so fuck you.

Velociraptors are commonly found on tropical islands converted to millionaire amusement parks, but are commonly being sighted in the Pacific Northwest. Velociraptors hunt in packs, and are known to form an equilateral triangle around their prey. Velociraptors can open doors, but are slowed by them. They can open an initial door in approximately 5 minutes, and will take half that time for each subsequent door.

Velociraptors do no know fear. Velociraptors are really fucking scary. A genus of mongolian dromaeosaurid living about 80 million years ago during the late Cretaceous. It was a small and nimble creature about 6 feet long, bird-like in structure, with a narrow, flattened head and an enlarged "killing claw" on the second toe.

The arms ended in three-fingered hands with flexible wrists that could be "folded" like those of a bird. They were probably quite social as well, and there is also evidence to support that they were nasty to each other as well as their prey. An overwhelming piece of evidence suggests that Velociraptor preyed on the ceratopside Protoceratops, as one specimen was found gripping the head frill of the latter with it's foot claw in the creature's belly.

The Protoceratops, in turn, was apparently biting the Velociraptor's arm with it's horny beak and ramming it's bony head into the raptor's chest. What calamity claimed the lives of both creatures is unknown.

Velociraptor, of course, was popularized by the Jurassic Park films and portrayed inaccurately. The so-called raptors in the films are much too big Deinonychus-sized , would almost certainly have had feathers, and were not as fast as cheetahs or as smart as monkeys.

Instead, raptors may have been about as smart as birds of prey. Velociraptor was one mean little SOB who could dish it out , but not take it. I particularly aggressive brand of cougar. A surly middle aged woman who like to hunt younger men for companionship. Velociraptors may hunt alone or they may hunt in a group. The typical cougar uses bravado to make up for ages of insecurity, she pretends to be sure of her self and hides behind the hunt.

The velociraptor is much more skilled, knows the score and is capable of taking down not just cougar bait but confident young men as well. Person 1: Why do you think A-Rod ruined his marriage to get with that nasty old Madonna? Person 2: I don't think he had a chance once she had him in her sights, Madonna isn't a cougar, she's a full blown velociraptor. A-Rod was simply out matched. Green Bandana Alt Bunker boy Aide Bagwell Egg Gluck Gluck Woo Back Wednesday ETTD Jiss Vent Art Trinitario Alphabetical list Velociped velocipedophile velociperiority Velociplocity velocirabbit Velocirachet velociracktor velocirape velociraped velocirapetor velocirapist Velocirapper Velocirapstar Velocirapt Velociraptoid Velociraptor velociraptoraphobia Velociraptor Arm Velociraptored Velociraptor Fuck Feast velociraptoring velociraptor noises velociraptor with jet-pack and scissors Velocirapture Velocirasta Velociratchet velocirex Velocirofl velociroflaptor Velociserfdom.


This is a velociraptor-free workplace Poster



This is a velociraptor-free workplace Poster



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