Web lafcpug. Click here to subscribe. Creating scrolling text in Final Cut is an exercise in futility. It's awkward to create, you can't get it to pause at the end and it takes forever to render.

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In this short, focused, video tutorial, Larry Jordan shows you how to create text animations easily inside LiveType. From starting a new project, to putting text on a curve to keying video into text, this tutorial showcases a flock of techniques you can use to improve your next project by getting your titles to move.

The text animation features in Final Cut Pro are, to put it politely, lame. On the other hand, figuring out the interface for Motion requires more time than you have. Its time for LiveType to come to the rescue. Important note: After you complete the store checkout process, you will see a Download Link on the Order Confirmation page. This link will allow you to download the product to your computer.

You are given two attempts and 10 days to download your product. This course is also included with our monthly membership plan, click below to learn more. Topic: Making text move is easy — once you know how! There's no finer resource on the web. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Not a member? See The Different Membership Tiers.

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LiveType PowerStart

See examples below. LiveType is a sophisticated and powerful motion graphics and titling application. Unfortunately, most users are only scratching the surface of this software—and not realizing the real potential of LiveType. LiveType PowerStart is for anyone wanting to unlock the hidden potential of LiveType, to truly comprehend how the software works, discover secret shortcuts and timesavers, and absorb a stream of awesome looking techniques, tips and tricks for creating mind-blowing eye candy. But LiveType PowerStart goes beyond helping you master the software—it is also a learning experience about creating motion graphics: designing titles to support your message, making choices and customizing elements to fit your project, learning how to make titles and graphics interact with each other, as well as integrating your LiveType projects into your Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express! Download today and make the software you already own much more valuable! Although all the techniques shown in the LiveType PowerStart course apply equally to both versions, there are some elements shown in the tutorials, like a matte shape and a LiveFont, that are not included with the Final Cut Express version of LiveType.


PowerUP Tutorial 28: Creating Animated Text in LiveType




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