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Manual zz. Sarojini Nagar, Lucknow: Box , New Delhi: Contacts Cat. Type Aux. Notes: 1 Add-on blocks can be ordered separately. Contacts 25 25 ML 1. Contact Cat. For AC control Std. For AC control std. This along with the standardized accessories of MO provides you a complete modular feeder solution. Supply: V AC Aux. Supply: V AC M. Type of Mounting Operation Cat.

Description Cat. SE 1 9 - 30 secs. SE 1 36 - secs. SE 1 3 - 10 secs. Connecting Busbar link Shunt Trip M. Connecting Busbar link Auxiliary Contact Front mtg. Range A 7. Range A Description Cat. SS 1 Range A 0. Range A SS 40 10 Std. ML 2F Relay Max.

MNX 25 - 32 Cat. Submersible Pump Controller Relay Max. For proper sizing of soft starter based on the application parameters please use Winstart Software.

For Winstart software please contact Customer Interaction Centre. Line Contactor : This will isolate and protect the soft starter SCR's from any voltage transient while it's not in operation. Bypass Contactor For models without built-in bypass : This will bypass and protect the soft starter SCR's while in running state from Current and Voltage transient's.

CSX 7. Pkg Nos. Type Suitable fuse-link type Cat. Type Cat. SK M. Rated Current A Description Cat. These are supplied along with MCCBs It is recommended to use spreader terminals for enhancing termination capacity Spreader terminals are available as accessories, unless otherwise specified against Cat.

AC, 50Hz. Per Unit Std. Per Unit Description Std. Current Rating A Std. Per Unit Nos. In electrically operated breaker with DN1 release, either earth fault or undervoltage protection can be used. SR18G M. Note: Electrical Fixed type breakers are available on request. Available on "Made to order" basis. The Numerical in brackets, against various accessories indicate the SICs required for wiring purpose in Draw-Out breakers b.

Shunt release requires one set of auxiliary contacts c. Qty M. H 80kA M. V kA M. Description M. The application cost starts with minimum 24 devices, Cat.

Integration cost and local product cost are not considered in above prices. Closing Release M. The users will get the benefit of easy and error free selection of products. Supply V Output Contacts Cat. Std Pkg. Supply V C. Secondary A Cat. Aux Supply V Cat. Secondary A Std M. Secondary A Model Model C. Secondary A Range Cat. Std M. Supply Device code Cat.

Cable length of 1 meter is available on request. Model Aux. We give you the assurance of dependability that only a leader can offer.

We give you access through India's most widely dispersed network. We go the extra mile — with Exora. Double Pole DP Cat. Description No.

Higher rating of contactors and S-D-Fs can be used. Selection chart is for standard 3-phase, squirrel cage motor with average power factor and efficiency.

Selection for motors with longer starting times can be made available on request. These charts remain same for IE1 and IE2 motors For Type 2 charts for fuseless feeders, kindly contact the nearest branch office. General Terms Warranty Policy Prices are subject to revision without notice.

Should the product prove to be defective due to faulty workmanship or otherwise, we will remedy the defect or replace the faulty parts or the whole product at our discretion, as soon as possible, free of cost.

The warranty is however subject to the provision of proper usage, efficient maintenance and does not cover defects arising out of fire, accident, inefficient maintenance, faulty operation and willful or accidental damage.

The user needs to take adequate precautions to eliminate these conditions. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any consequential loss, injury or damages attributable to defect or failure of its products. Box Mumbai Tel: Fax: Website: www. Gandhigram Rly. For the latest information and special applications, please contact any of our offices listed here. Product photographs shown, are for representative purposes only.

Product Update March Manual Bypass Switches 20A - A. Manual - Sid. EMX3 User Manual. Soft Starters - Efes otomasyon. Download PDF advertisement. Its a community-based project which helps to repair anything.


L&T 3 pole 125a mccb

Explore Technologies is considered as eminent solution provider of industrial automation. We attempt best in providing quality oriented services and highly efficient range of products to clients. Started with a vision to encompass our business in electrical industry, our organization is incorporated by enthusiastic engineers and reliable channel partners who put exertions for searching and implementing new ideas in order to provide best grade Contactor, Emergency Switch, Fuse , Fuse Base, MCB, Human Machine Interface, Brushless Motor and several other products. Unison and UL Also, we have a pool of diligent service engineers and quality analysts that aid us in providing cost-effective repairing, installation as well as maintenance of different kinds of automation equipment. Plot No.


L&T Switchgear Pricelist 01.11.2013

Manual zz. Sarojini Nagar, Lucknow: Box , New Delhi: Contacts Cat. Type Aux. Notes: 1 Add-on blocks can be ordered separately. Contacts 25 25 ML 1.





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