The World Wide Web can be a dangerous place, and if you use a computer in your small business, you need to protect your sensitive data. One way to protect your data is by encrypting PDF files. If you want to send an encrypted PDF file to an employee, however, you'll need to remove the encryption so the employee can read it. You must use the same software you used to encrypt the file, presumably Adobe Acrobat, and you must know the password.

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Home New Browse Search [? Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. Description Marcos H. Woehrmann UTC. Comment 1 Marcos H. Comment 4 Marcos H. Comment 6 Marcos H. Comment 7 Peter UTC. Comment 8 Peter UTC. Comment 9 Peter UTC. Comment 12 Peter UTC. Comment 13 Peter UTC. PS Interpreter show other bugs. Attachments nmat Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc.

Redistilling encrypted PDF is not permitted. Woehrmann UTC Created attachment [details] nmat Otherwise this can be easily turned into cracking the protection.

I posted a short comment on this some time ago, on bug comment 24 section 'About "The owner password is required Please also note that Ghostscript's PDF interpreter does not comply with this requirement. Essentially, someone filed this as bug "GhostScript redistills encrypted PDF Files", although the report is a bit confusing I don't think the 0-page PS has any role.

Woehrmann UTC Sorry, I should have been more explicit, I wasn't considering refusing to convert the file the problem. However, the "undefined" comes from the file's assumption that it is interpreted under a job server. No more error messages with any of the named applications!!! I don't like such errors that cannot be reproduced easily.. I am assuming from your last comment that you are using something called 'FreePDF' comment 9 FreePDF is nothing to do with us, if the utility is using Ghostscript to do the work its still nothing to do with us.

Ghostscript itself does not save or remember any errors. So I'm afraid we are unable to help you with your problem, I would suggest that you contact whoever is behind FreePDF and ask them about this. Note also that Ghostscript 8. Please don't post randomly to our bug threads, especially when the bug has long ago been fixed and closed. Like many "real" companies, they have a free product and try to encourage upgrade to the product they sell, but their free version is quite comparable to or superior to many "free" PDF creators that do not provide any help, or that don't work to update to later Ghostscript.

Or probably it's the equivalent to error numbers replied by Ghostscript? I am very sorry but the big Company where I work does provide a preconfigured Standart Client.

I am not allowed to alter the Software configuration as I have no Admin Rights. I have to live with the Software products they have chosen only "Portable Apps" can be used.. If I had good reasons for them to do something else than "never change a running system" I could recommend them the latest Version of Ghostscript.

But a higher Version Number without concrete functionality is no advantage. Yes, I read it. Or possibly FreePDF is resubmitting the same failed job every time you do a print, again, I'm not in a position to know. Maybe your company should consider paying for software to perform this task, rather than relying on free software. We do actually take free user reports seriously, but not for a version 6 years old.

Well clearly what you currently have doesn't work, in at least one instance, perhaps you could use this to convince your IT department. Higher version numbers of Ghostscript have extra functionality. In fact I cannot tell whether a newer version would be of any use to you because I cannot duplicate your problem. Even if you were to send me the original document, I don't have a copy of FreePDF, and no way to debug it. I m sorry but there is nothing we can do to help you, you will have to take this up with the people behind FreePDF.

Or alternatively use a different PDF producer. The original bug was posted by Marcos, an Artife employees, and your posting an unrelated bug on an unsupported third party application that uses and obsolete version of our software is not appreciated.

Please refrain immediately.


How to Remove Encryption From a PDF File

Home New Browse Search [? Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. Description Marcos H. Woehrmann UTC. Comment 1 Marcos H.


How to Create UnEncrypted PDF File out of Encrypted and Secured PDF Document

Discussion in ' Windows ' started by shabbir , May 30, Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Redistilling encrypted PDF is not permitted.


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