EVO76 post image Shuttle Goes 3D. HedgeHeli post Longer tail belt for SDX. Do the. I want to convert it to electric and stretch it to.

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EVO76 post image Shuttle Goes 3D. HedgeHeli post Longer tail belt for SDX. Do the. I want to convert it to electric and stretch it to. Looking to convert my sceadu evo 50 to electric, everything works just can not get nitro on this island.

Anybody have any idea what needs to be done to make it. Sceadu 30 or upgrade? After getting back into rc helis last year with a s v2 and a Trex l I have been trying to get my circa 20 x years old Hirobo Sceadu OS powered 30 running. Gmogle post New hirobo shuttle owner need help. Hello I have recently came across an hirobo shuttle. And wasn? Now I? Billdean post image Pristine Hirobo Stork on Craigslist. Not sure if this the right place to post this but I just ran across this Seattle craigslist ad and thought I'd pass it on HeliYaw post HeliJoel post:2 image Only on one side, a millimeter or.

Jeremy Chapman post Hirobo Lama SAB. If anyone could help me I would be very grateful. From my research it shows that these kits were only made in Is that true or is that the year they were. Chippie13 post After restoring my oldest Eagle several years ago, it has not seen much flight time. Mostly it sits on a shelf where I just like looking at it along with my.

HeliJoel post image I like it a lot. The helicopter looks similar. AS post SDX Flybar to Flybarless. I am almost complete at converting my SDX to Flybarless. The head is converted using Hirobo Gigas parts, which are basically a factory conversion to the stock. Servos for Eagle 2 EX. No 3d stuff, just nice smooth flying. Looking for a great solid servo. Any thoughts. Ok, I have a question for the Shuttle experts out there. GPH parts? I'm looking to see if I can get this thing back flying Is there one that is maybe on.

Washout block location on mast. According to the instructions links are to be around 80mm from flybar to lower arms, I'm just trying to figure out if this is the correct location for the. Hey did does anyone know if Hirobo went belly up? I also noticed RCJapan doesnt have very much Hirobo left either. Flyer post Cryhavoc1 post Hirobo Parts Availability. I was looking at buying a new Hirobo Shuttle Plus kit. But are parts available when I need them? Where can spare parts be purchased?

My Hirobo helis. Here are my 2 hirobos. One runs a neo rescue and vcontrol and the other is on Brain2 with Jeti. Still flying vintage Hirobos???? Anyone still flying their vintage Hirobos? I just took my 88 Eagle out for a few laps today.

Still flies like I remember smooth on rails. I have the 88 Eagle,. I had a spare frame set for my Sceadu EX for sometime. It was gathering dust, so I decided to do a project I have wanted to do for a long time. I grafted the. I recently bought a SDX kit from hirobofanusa. I took a few pictures of the unboxing, and the first step of.

Flyer post image Hi all, I have acquired a lama SAB and was wondering if there ae carbon blades that would fit, if so which make and size.

Cheers Chris. Turbulence carbon boom problem. Am I supposed to be able to fully join the. Hirobo is Still In Business. Is Hirobo Still Alive? But what about the actual Hirobo manufacture website, they have deleted all their web pages about RC.

Hirobo Sceadu "Brand new". Some previous info first;My first real Heli was a FB blade that I set up with a gyro, but left the hobby for a couple of years and really didn't master. Hirobo Shuttle Challenge Build. I spent this weekend building a Shuttle Challenge. Full ZXX Bearing set. All ball links, no z bends. I have finished assembly. I am going to do the. Willvabch post Challenge Parts?? Stevendavis post Hirobo Eurocopter Tiger.

Hi all. I recently purchased this fuselage with OS91 engine, as good as new!! I have a manual etc. Engineer H. Hirobo Experts here? IQ50 post From the Early 's Hirobo Falcon Ah Clem post Hi guys,How to dial indicate the SDX fan hub it screws onto the engine shaft so realigning it is impossible on the os 55?

Without using any drastic measures. Jamovich post


Hirobo SRB Eurocopter EC145

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