Heredity, both from a purely juridical point of view and also on a biological level, builds up a particularly strong image of the individual. To deal homogeneously with heredity in ail its aspects thus requires that the law take into consideration its dynamics and immanent forces. Chance, whether through the order of family deaths or the combination of genetic characteristics, gives rise to variety. Therefore, if the genetic make up of an individual is a value in itself, it is also, and essentially, a link within the chain of humanity.

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Brabant H. Tome 7 fascicule 3, Tableau II. Tableau III. Cependant, difficile tabl. Tableau IV. Tableau V. Ces variations sont cependant nom-.

Tableau VI. Tableau VII. Tableau VIII. Tableau IX. Tableau X. Tableau XI. Tableau XII. Tableau XIV. Ces affections peuvent atteindre les deux dentitions. Ces trois. A quel niveau pourrait se faire sentir son action?

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