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This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using this DMCA report form. Report DMCA. Home current Explore. Home Encoder Euchner Absoluto. Words: 15, Pages: Preview Full text.

Reliability, precision and quality are tested continually and maintained at a high level by computer-controlled development, test and inspection systems for hardware and software. Close and optimum contact with our customers is ensured by a large network of sales agencies, EUCHNER sales offices and our in-house product specialists. We therefore can solve specific problems on-site at any time. An overview of our Technical Sales Offices in Germany and abroad is given on the last page. A rotating, digital code disk representing dimensions is precisely scanned by miniature opto-electronic light barriers and converted to electrical output.

Absolute encoders are systems for measuring angles of rotation using encoded detection of the measured quantity. Each angular position has unique code information assigned to it. Assigned to each track of the dimensional representation S1, S2, S3, S4 etc. Besides pure measuring systems with resolutions of over 8, positions per revolution, programmable absolute encoders not only reduce machine commissioning times but also mean that the user has fewer devices to deal with.

In the case of incremental encoders, the value is acquired by electrically counting the periodic divisions of the material measure or the electronic output signals A, B. These encoders have an additional output signal R, reference point to uniquely define the absolute position.

But PC based programming and optimisation with a graphical user interface is also a completely new, practical and time-saving way of commissioning small series and test machines. The programmable electronic cam switch PNS, a compact unit in an angular position transducer housing, not only replaces mechanical controllers but also improves their functionality in terms of accuracy, universality, freedom from wear and simple handling.

Mechanical Construction The absolute encoder is constructed from a stator, consisting of housing or flange, cover and scanning system, and a rotor with a shaft to which the code disk is mounted to represent the dimensions. The special feature of this optical ASIC is its high measuring accuracy.

Automatic control of the LED intensity also improves long-term reliability. Code disk Bearing Shaft 4 Encoders Installation Notes To avoid measuring inaccuracy and damage to the shaft and bearing, a flexible coupling see accessories should always be fitted between the drive shaft and encoder shaft.

Impacts on the encoder shaft end must be avoided. The following standards are applied in particular: The operator or owner of this larger system, e. The test severity used is the class for "typical industrial environment". The use of these products in a machine does not guarantee that the entire machine or installation conforms to the European Directive.

Installation Notes As a general rule, cables and leads must be laid and routed to reflect EMC requirements. The connecting leads must be shielded common outer shield. Ensure that there is a good ground connection between the machine body and housing flange of the absolute encoder.

In encoder versions with built-in flange socket, attach the lead shield at the free connector via an EMC cable screw union with shield bushing or shield cone.

Ground the shield at the lead end to a central frame location, e. The reference point for the electrical characteristics - especially voltages given in the technical specifications is the plug connector or a lead length of 2 meters. The code direction indicates the direction of rotation for which the output code corresponds to increasing values, as viewed when looking at the encoder shaft.

Operating Temperature Range Clockwise cw The operating temperature range specifies the temperature limits between which the specified error limits must not be crossed.

The maximum operating temperature is the temperature that occurs on the housing of the absolute encoder at maximum speed and maximum operating voltage.

Counter-clockwise ccw The error limit indicates, for static measurements, the biggest positive or negative deviation of any angle of rotation referred to the set point. Bearing Service Life The output code is the unique coding of the measured values at the output of the absolute encoder using a defined scheme.

With the exception of absolute encoders of series ending with -A factory programmed and -PC PC programmable , the output code is identical to the pitch code. The bearing service life specifies the life of the encoder bearing, accounting for maximum shaft load and maximum operating speed. The operating torque is the torque required at a specified speed to keep the rotor rotating against frictional forces.

The output frequency is the repetition rate of the output signals A or B at which signals still capable of evaluation are guaranteed. Error Limit Output Code Operating Torque Incremental Encoders Maximum Output Frequency Storage Temperature Range The bearing temperature range specifies the temperature limits between which the absolute encoder can be stored or transported without damage.

Absolute Encoders Maximum Output Frequency The maximum output frequency is the frequency at which the correct code value sequence is still ensured at the output.

Measuring Step Deviation The measuring step deviation is the maximum measuring deviation angle deviation from one measuring step to the next. Pitch Code The pitch code is the unique coding of the measured quantity angle of rotation or angular position on the dimensional representation code disk using a particular scheme e. The code disk is scanned using a highly integrated multiple optoelectronic system of light barriers. This optical ASIC features high measuring accuracy. Its long-term reliability is improved by automatic control of LED intensity.

Absolute encoders require no counters or recognition of direction, as a uniquely encoded digital signal is assigned to each measuring step. As a result, the position value is available again after switching on or restoring power, so no referencing is required.

All outputs are equipped with a non-latching thermal cutout. The are satEMC requirements of isfied. Starting torque, typical Operating torque at rpm, typical Mass moment of inertia rotor Max. UA LOW; 0 , max. Output current per output max. Connection type PUR lead shielded, length 2 m Plug connector pin male aluminium 0.

Lead radial, 2 m Plug conn. The required code table is activated by the wiring of the four inputs. Parity monitoring ensures that the wrong code table is not accessed even in the event of a wire break. This universal angular measuring system considerably reduces machine commissioning time and minimises the number of different devices and stocking requirements.

Programming requires Microsoft Windows version 3. Convenient input of the customer's program at the PC with menudriven user interface.

Graphical display of position and output values. Read data from the absolute encoder. Output current per output, max. Connection type Programming interface Plug connector pin male Value programmable 0.

This universal angular measuring system considerably reduces machine commissioning time and minimises equipment diversity and stocking. Programmable zero point and code direction cw, ccw on the PC. EMC protection requirements to Output frequency max. Connection type Programming interface, Sub-D-connector, 9 way, female Plug connector, 21 way, male Value 4 0. This universal angular measuring system considerably reduces machine commissioning time and minimises equipment diversity and storage.

Connection type Programming interface, Sub-D-connector, 9 way, female Plug connector pin male Value 4 0. The absolute angular position transducer, sequence control system and closed-loop position control combined in a single unit. Control signals for direction of rotation, speeds and "in position" are available to the user, relieving the machine control system of positioning tasks.

EUCHNER positioning systems in combination with a PLC allow positioning processes that are not possible, or are limited, with a conventional angular position transducer. Communication can take place either directly with the PLC or with other suitable controllers. The PSV positioning system has only digital outputs. The revolutions are monitored and assigned by a microcontroller. The angular position transducer is a digital absolute angular position transducer for detecting actual values. The input amplifier is equipped with opto-couplers and forwards the specified command information e.

The microcomputer processes the actual values furnished by the angular position transducer and the command values from the microcontroller. Accounting for the machine-specific data stored in the memory of the microcomputer Controller angular positions, switching points , the signals for direction of rotation, speed and position are available at the output.

The output amplifier converts the microcomputer's control commands to the appropriate output signal levels. The outputs are overload protected and short-circuit-proof. A software plausibility check monitors the angular position transducer and the input information, ensuring a high degree of operating reliability. Consistent use of microelectronics, rugged construction, the use of high quality materials and components, the compact design and high degree of protection IP65 guarantee maximum flexibility and simple use of these positioning systems.

Analogue output: output voltage range Analogue output: output current, max. EMC protection requirements to Max. Clockwise Switching pt. It improves their functionality in terms of accuracy, universality, freedom from wear and simple handling. The user can change the parameters of the cam switch within a very short time, resulting in short set up times and maximum flexibility.

State-of-the-art electronics and the PNSWIN graphical user interface provide simple, visual and convenient programming of the cam switch. This straightforward principle is employed in the PNS programmable electronic cam switch. A "set" cam is described by its switch-on and its switch-off points. Between these two points, the output is active, i. Read data from the PNS. Type 56 Cat.


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Encoders UK offer a full range of Euchner Encoders like our range of Euchner incremental encoders and Euchner absolute encoders. All versions of our Euchner Encoders are available in blind hollow, full thru bore from 4mm — 60mm. All line counts available. Emergency build on Euchner Encoders is available for non stock items, possible repair on immediate service where possible. Encoders UK are official distributors for Euchner UK Ltd so if you require any information please contact our friendly support team at All our Euchner Encoder Repairs are carried out in our fully equipped service department or on site at your premises.

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An innovative development in was the worlds first multiple position switch. Reliability, precision and quality are tested con- tinually and maintained at a high level by compu- ter-controlled development, test and inspection systems for hardware and software. Close and optimum contact with our customers is ensured by a large network of sales agencies, EUCHNER sales offices and our in-house product specialists. Industrial electrics and electronics. Kohlhammerstrae 16 D Leinfelden-Echterdingen. Table of Contents Technical Description Programmable Electronic Cam Switch 54 with up to electronic cams distributable among up to 16 switchable tables PNS 88 4 16




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