Subscribe on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , and wherever you get your podcasts! Title: Man on Pink Corner A group of men led by an old man trying to stop an invasion of the city of Aquileia. The invaders are introducing a machinery for a mass invasion, but the invasion is absolute and impossible to define. A man returns to the place where his father was murdered and tries to find closure.

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Editorial Bruguera, Narradores de hoy. Jorge Luis Borges Prosa Completa. Volumen 1. De golpe, el forastero dijo:. Yo soy Francisco Real, que le dicen el Corralero. Yo les he consentido a estos infelices que me alzaran la mano, porque lo que estoy buscando es un hombre.

Entonces, es cuando la Lujanera, la mujer del Pegador, le dio un cuchillo a su marido para que se enfrentara con el forastero. PDF en Internet de autor desconocido. Texto original. Hasta ese momento, Borges era poco conocido, incluso en su Buenos Aires natal.

Opening paragraph : Imagine you bringing up Francisco Real that way, out of the clear blue sky, him dead and gone and all. He wore a tall sort of hat with a narrow brim, which sat down like this on a long mane of greasy hair. Rosendo was favored by fortune, as they say, and we boys in the neighborhood would imitate him right down to the way he spit. Translated by Andrew Hurley. Opening paragraph : Fancy your coming out and asking me, of all people, about the late Francisco Real.

His stamping ground was the Northside — that whole stretch from the Guadalupe pond to the old Artillery Barracks. Sharp dresser, too. He always rode up to the whorehouse on a dark horse, his riding gear decked out in silver. Everyone knew that he had at least a couple of killings to his credit.

He usually wore a soft hat with a narrow brim and tall crown, and it would sit in a cocky way on his long hair, which he slicked straight back. Lady luck smiled on him, as they say, and around Villa all of us who were younger used to ape him — even as to how he spit. But then one night we got a good look at what this Rosendo was made of.

Translated by Norman Thomas di Giovanni. One night, a car full of men that were coming from the North arrived to the neighbourhood. One was Francisco Real, called the Butcher.

The Yardmaster was reputed to be a thug. Shortly after, the group of men from the North entered the tavern looking for fight. The teller of this tale, who participates in the account, explains that the newcomer, Francisco Real, violently entered the canteen and the narrator himself tried to stop him with no luck. As the Butcher got deep into the tavern, everyone who was there were spitting him and punching him and shoving and slapping, but he continued walking absent of what was going on around him.

Abruptly, the stranger said:. Francisco Real, and they call me the Yardmaster. Rosendo Juarez also left the hall and coincided with the chronicler of the events, but when they encountered they only murmured two words.

After a few hours, the commentator got got back to the precinct. He was mortally wounded, agonizing. The woman explained that while she was with Francisco Real someone called him and stabbed him with a knife.

She made it clear it had not been her husband but he had been stabbed by a stranger. The men from the North accused la Lujanera of murderer, but the narrator convinced them it was not possible, since neither the hands, nor the pulse of a woman could end the life of such a stocky man. On line PDF in Spanish by an unknown author. The final version with its definitive name was integrated into the volume Historia universal de la infamia , published in Source: Wikipedia.

The short story is dedicated to the Uruguayan writer, poet and journalist Enrique Amorim. One of the aspects that interested me most of this story is its language.

Thus, it is not surprise that some readers find it difficult to read it without the help of a dictionary. It is undoubtedly one of the few incursions of Borges into crime fiction. I have already posted about this short story here and here , but I encouraged myself to re-write about it when finding additional information that I thought might be of interest to some readers. To be continued …. About the Author : Jorge Luis Borges Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 24, — Geneva, Switzerland, June 14, , was an Argentine poet, essayist and short-story writer whose works have become classics of 20th century world literature.

After , when he and Samuel Beckett shared the Formentor Prize, the stories and poems of Borges began to be increasingly acclaimed all over the world. Until then, Borges was little known, even in his native Buenos Aires. Through his work, Latin American literature emerged from the academic realm into the field of generally educated readers. A half-century later, the writers might hear that from thoughtless fans…you never did better than an example of yeoman work.

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El hombre de la esquina rosada

Editorial Bruguera, Narradores de hoy. Jorge Luis Borges Prosa Completa. Volumen 1. De golpe, el forastero dijo:.


Man on Pink Corner

The viewer sees a women dressed in black, a woman of the night. You hear tango music that represents the passion of the scene which takes you inside to a knife fight. We learn the name of the woman as she enters into the brothel; Julia's Salon. Using a technique of foreshadowing, we discover the names of the two men seen fighting, El Corralero, a man from the north, and another man. Several men from the north begin to gather which frightens Julia. Lujanera finds nothing frightening.


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It is the first of several stories he wrote concerning duels between knife-fighters, which Borges recognized as one of his archetypal themes. It is the tale of the motiveless, or disinterested, duel—of courage for its own sake. The story is told from the first-person perspective of an unnamed narrator, who recounts the events of a particular night at a Villa Santa Rita bar and brothel. The clientele, including the narrator, spend the evening drinking and dancing the tango. Their festivities are interrupted by the arrival of a formidable stranger in black. When the narrator and some of the other patrons try to fight him, he effortlessly brushes them away.



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