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Love cannot be bought, it cannot be predicted. Sometimes we discover too late where our passions lie. He insists that he is content with his books. A wife, Marcolfa counters, can offer much greater pleasures than books! This flirtatious young woman spends her time scantily-clad on her balcony, showing off her beauty to whomever might happen to pass by. As Belisa waits in the bedroom, five whistles mysteriously sound. However, after spying her naked body through the keyhole in a door he is now wildly in love!

Belisa reassures her husband that the noises are nothing to worry about. As the couple prepare to consummate their marriage, two Sprites — or Duendes, as they are sometimes called — draw a curtain over the scene. He is bemused to find that the doors to the five balconies are open. There is also a ladder hanging from each balcony and five mysterious sombreros lying beneath each one.

Feigning innocence, Belisa claims that the balcony doors have simply blown open in the wind. Marcolfa tearfully informs her master that, while he slept on his wedding night, five men from the five races of the earth enjoyed the sexual pleasures of his young wife.

He is happy, and that is what matters. In fact, when he overhears Belisa talking to herself about a red-caped young stranger who has been pursuing her, he resolves to help her secure the love of this enigmatic admirer.

In secret, he and Marcolfa wait for Belisa. He rushes off stage to carry out the deed. He is mortally wounded. The date of this publication is unclear but it is believed to have taken place after the version.

They insist on his beauty, despite the comical visual evidence to the contrary in the form of illustrations that accompany the rhyming couplets that tell the tale.

His parents then die, leaving their son a lot of money which he uses to dress well and attract a wife.

He gets married with great aplomb. In both, however, he falls in love once again, only to be challenged to a duel by a rival. He manages to escape from prison and flees on a boat to Algiers. In both, he incurs the wrath of the sultan by wooing a young woman of the court. The dining room set design is likened to a primitive drawing of the Last Supper.

In this play a young man, Bruno, becomes maniacally concerned that his beautiful wife might be unfaithful. He decides to elect a male lover for her, in the hope of controlling her unfaithfulness. Margarita Ucelay. David Johnston. London, Hodder and Stoughton. Rupert C. Allen, Rupert C. Blood Wedding. Austin and London, University of Texas Press. Obras completas , vol. III, ed. Arturo del Hoyo. Madrid, Aguilar in Spanish.

Wright, Sarah. Sarah Wright, pp. Woodbridge, Tamesis. I, ed. Guillermo de Torre. Buenos Aires, Editorial Losada. In Literatura del siglo XX , eds. Ernesto G. Da Cal and Margarita Ucelay, pp. New York, Dryden Press. In Literatura del siglo XX , 2nd edn, eds.

Madrid, Taurus. Madrid, Akal. Madrid, Ediciones Busma. Madrid, Aguilar. Fergusson, Francis. Similar plays are automatically suggested by our system based on similar fields such as genres and types or keywords. Entry written by Gwynneth Dowling. Last updated on 12 May You must be logged in to add tags.

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Amor de Don Perlimplín con Belisa en su jardín

Love cannot be bought, it cannot be predicted. Sometimes we discover too late where our passions lie. He insists that he is content with his books. A wife, Marcolfa counters, can offer much greater pleasures than books!


El amor de don Perlimplín con Belisa en su jardínEl

It was written in and first performed in It bears the subtitle "An erotic lace-paper valentine in a prologue and three scenes" Aleluya erotica en un prologo y tres escenas. On their wedding night two duendes appear and draw a veil over the scene, explaining that some things should be left unseen. His reaction is odd as he doesn't behave jealously but declares instead that he has discovered the true meaning of love. She realizes she has unwittingly fallen in love with her own elderly husband; in sacrificing his life, he carries her love to the grave, and bequeaths her the soul she conspicuously lacked when they were married. Lorca, himself a composer, conceived this play with musical interludes Scarlatti harpsichord sonatas as well as songs on stage.


Translation of Federico Garcia Lorca's Amor de don Perlimplin con Belisa en su jardin


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