This is the first of two books in the "Light" series. It's a collection of card tricks that require absolutely no sleight of hand. Instead they rely in clever structure, subtleties and routining. The 21 tricks have been compiled into complete routines, each lasting around ten minutes. So not only will you learn some great tricks - you'll also learn some complete performance pieces with great patter and presentation.

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Posted: Oct 25, pm. For whom is this book intended? It is for beginners, of course—but by no means in total. So, yes, this book is certainly meant for beginners. However, it is also directed at those who are already proficient in the craft. Card College Light is in a class apart from other books that focus on sleightless card tricks.

When it comes to artistic considerations—interpretation, staging, communication and psychology—other books seldom even recognize such concepts. Card College Light strives to remain as simple as possible, yet to identify concepts and to open doors that put sleightless tricks into the context of artistic and utterly baffling card magic.

Although other books consider the same type of material, their approaches to it are quite different from Giobbi's. Most of the tricks taught are from Mr. Every trick can be done with any deck of cards of average quality, and many can be done under all performance conditions, with a borrowed deck and no preparation.

With these sleightless tricks, you can easily acquire a reputation as a magician who can really make magic. They expose the method behind the tricks, but they fail to explain how the tricks are made genuinely amazing. Card tricks that allow the fingers to remain idle require that their methods be cunningly protected through presentation and psychology, which in turn amplify the feeling of real magic.

Without these things, all you are left with are mere puzzles. Giobbi brings his widely respected talents as both teacher and full-time performer to bear on tricks he has selected from time-tested classics and little-known modern miracles by world masters, taught with a thoroughness that includes psychology, presentations, scripts and invaluable performance tips.

These lessons serve not only the beginner, but also the advanced card-magician who wishes from time to time to include a trick wherein the audience can stare relentlessly at the fingers without discovering a thing. I order almost every new book that is comming out from Hermetic Press, including this one. Posted: Oct 26, am. Posted: Oct 27, am. One of the volumes are seven complete routines, as Card College Light.

Are the same? Trilogia Light are three "self-working" books with complete pattern It contains tricks from Tamariz, Richard Vollmer, Vernon,.. This is my first post here, I hope this helps.

Greetings from Spain. Posted: Oct 27, pm. This version was published in June and has pages. They will follow as stated in the French version with Roberto Extra light and Super light as well. I figure that the French version was a translation of the Spanish version published in The English version is only a translation of the previous ones in French and Spanish.

So it is not totally new stuff. There is also a routine similar to Shuffle-Bored based on a Simon Aronson idea. Posted: Oct 28, am. More about Card College Light: Chris from lybrary. Jennings, B. Cervon, Al Leech, Richar Vollmer and Dai Vernon, besides Giobbi himself, and a brief introduction about pattern of semi-automatic card tricks.

Each effect has complete pattern, and finish with "afterthoughts" like Lorayne and bibliographic notes. I reccomend these books. Posted: Oct 29, am.

Posted: Nov 30, am. Ellusionst discussing the Arcane Playing cards: "Michaelangelo took four years to create the Sistine Chapel masterpiece Well, mine are even worse! Posted: Nov 30, pm. Since the shipment of the book has been delayed until at least December 4th, there probably won't be many reviews of this book until later.

Thanks, Barry. I thought it was supposed to ship on the 22nd. I wondered why there was a dearth of discussion on this exciting book. Will the other two books also be published?

Posted: Dec 8, pm. Atucci, please post a review, once you have digested it. Thanks Andy. Posted: Dec 9, am. This book contains seven mysterious routines with cards, a total of 21 card tricks.

Each trick in each routine is relatively easy to do. So why should you consider purchasing this book? Roberto Giobbi has created simple, direct, and magical presentations for these familiar effects that are a nice lesson in presenting magic with clarity. Giobbi shows you how to obtain a strong impact from simple effects.

More importantly, Giobbi has created routines where each self-working effect is part of a plan to create a magical impression. Each routine is an object lesson in creating magic that has a certain gestalt.

Gestalt - a configuration, pattern, or organized field having specific properties that cannot be derived from the summation of its component parts; a unified whole.

The routines have been cunningly constructed to hide the simple modus operandi behind the tricks. The book is an object lesson in how to combine effects so that the cumulative impact of a routine is way out of proportion to the difficulty of material that has been performed. Giobbi also provides some suggestions for using sleights to further increase the impact of the routines, and he provides some nice sources for additional study.

My only complaint is that he cites a couple of Frank Garcia books that are fairly hard to find. Grade for the beginner A The book provides the beginner with good, solid material that will increase the chance for early success in card magic.

Giobbi also provides the information necessary for the beginner to take his or her first steps into sleight-of-hand magic.

Posted: Dec 11, pm. Anyone have an idea when Murphy's are going to get the two new Hermetic Press books? Stefmagic Special user Posts. Chris Inner circle lybrary. The original is the German edition. As far as I know all other foreign language translations have been prepared from the German one. Best, Chris Andy the cardician Inner circle A street named after my dad Posts. Cards never lie. Tony Tuccillo Middleburg, Florida. Thanks Andy Cards never lie.

Anybody else? PapaG Special user Posts. They already have them. All Rights Reserved. This page was created in 0.


Roberto Giobbi's Card College Light: Professional Card Magic Without Sleight-of-Hand

Top Inventors 1. Tony Anverdi 2. Dan Harlan 3. Colin Mcleod 4. Adrian Lacroix 5. Tommy Wonder 6. Bennie Chickering 7.


Card College Light, Lighter & Lightest – Package Deal

Posted: Oct 25, pm. For whom is this book intended? It is for beginners, of course—but by no means in total. So, yes, this book is certainly meant for beginners. However, it is also directed at those who are already proficient in the craft.

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