To perform a literature review on the existing international criteria and protocols for tracheostomy decannulation. Studies published in the last five years to ; studies with human adult population i. Most of the studies investigated tracheostomy decannulation in a sample of males with neurological impairments. The professionals involved in the decannulation process were doctors, speech therapists, physiotherapists and nurses. The most cited decannulation steps were: swallowing assessment; occlusion training; evaluation of air permeability; ability to manipulate secretion and exchange of cannula; cuff deflation and cough training; use of speech valve.

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Confirmada por la ausencia de pulso detectable, falta de respuesta y apnea o respiracion agonica. Shock every 2 minutes if indicated C CPR After shock, immediately begin chest compressions followed by respirations. Check pulse only if an organized or non-shockable rhythm is present.

Continue this algorithm if indicated. Give drugs during CPR before or after shocking. Minimize interruptions in chest compressions to A M Antiarrhythm ic Medications Consider antiarrhythmics. K can Kill Hypovolemia Collapsed vasculature.

If the patient is a candidate for resuscitation provide 2 minute cycles of CPRrhythm checks and think:. Treat accordingly. Consider termination of efforts if asystole persists despite appropriate interventions. Consider medications while pacing is readied. Use with extreme caution. Yes next question. Adenosine 6mg rapid IV push may repeat x2, qmin. For sinus tachycardia consider possible causes and treat accordingly.

Synchronized Electrical Cardioversion It is essential that ACLS Providers know the indications for electrical cardioversion and receive proper training using their equipment before attempting to perform this risky procedure.

Synchronized Electrical Cardioversion As part of the Secondary ABCDs the following mnemonic directs preparations for synchronized electrical cardioversion of unstable tachycardia with circulatory compromise due to the fast rate do not delay shocking if seriously unstable Oh Say It Isn't So Oh O2 Saturation monitor. HUGO A. What is geography, and what is a. Session 3 The sacred Self. Ww Ii. Blank Jeopardy - Quia. What is Static Electricity?

Always Atropine 1st-line drug, 0. Only experts should manage synchronized electrical cardioversion of a stable patient. Related Presentations. AR Verb Conjugation - ashland. CS - Programming Languages. When done you should see a screen that states that your claiming process is complete.

What is geography, and what is a Essay - Directions: There should be no less than five complete sentences. List each of the five themes of geography and briefly describe Olive Branch using each of those themes.

Synopsis: The play Medea tells the story of Medea and Jason, two figures well known by ancient Greek audiences. Euripides, knowing the notoriety of these characters, began the play toward the end of their story. At the play's opening, Session 3 The sacred Self You have given them dominion over the works of your hands; you have put all things under their feet, all sheep and oxen, and also the beasts of the field, the birds of the air, and the fish of the Convoy system gains control of the Atlantic.

Prepare for Normandy Landings. Japan is defeated at Midway: loses 4 carriers and pilots A polygon in which all sides are congruent and all angles It is called static electricity because the charges don't move. The electricity we use everyday involves moving charges. You could Cancel Continue.


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