Siemens Sentron Busway is engineered to ensure the safe and efficient distribution of power in industrial, commercial and institutional environments worldwide. Thanks to an innovative design, you benefit from labor-saving installation and a flexible, compact bus system that is an ideal fit for most applications.. Bus runs may easily be expanded as application footprint and layout change, and individual tap off locations may easily be moved to accommodate end user needs. Conductors: Compact construction of the Sentron busway conductors allow for a flexibility of configurations. Insulation: Inline filter process and magnetic separator helps to eliminate contaminants common to fluidized bed systems.

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Commercial and industrial distribution systems use several methods to transport electrical energy. These methods may include heavy conductors run in trays or conduit.

Once installed, cable and conduit assemblies are difficult to change. A bus bar is a conductor that serves as a common connection for two or more circuits. It is represented schematically by a straight line with a number of connections made to it.

Standard bus bars in Siemens busway are made of aluminum or copper. Busway is defined by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association NEMA as a prefabricated electrical distribution system consisting of bus bars in a protective enclosure, including straight lengths, fittings, devices, and accessories.

A major advantage of busway is the ease in which busway sections are connected together. Electrical power can be supplied to any area of a building by connecting standard lengths of busway. It typically takes fewer man-hours to install or change a busway system than cable and conduit assemblies. The total distribution system frequently consists of a combination of busway and cable and conduit. In this example power from the utility company is metered and enters the plant through a distribution switchboard.

The switchboard serves as the main disconnecting means. The middle feeder feeds another switchboard, which divides the power into three, three-phase, three-wire circuits. Each circuit feeds a busway run to volt motors. Branch circuits from the lighting and receptacle panelboards supply power for lighting and outlets throughout the plant. Busway is used in various applications and can be found in industrial installations as well as high-rise buildings.

Busway used in industrial locations can supply power to heavy equipment, lighting, and air conditioning. Busway risers vertical busway can be installed economically in a high-rise building where it can be used to distribute lighting and air conditioning loads. Search for:. Premium Membership. More Information. Energy and Power. Siemens — Busway Purpose and Definition. Related EEP's content with sponsored links.

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Sentron Busway Systems

Low amperage, XJ-L HD Busway, is the optimal choice for both contractors and users concerned with designing superior electrical systems that require a high plug density and optimal space utilization. The compact design is ideal for limited working areas in computer manufacturing, laboratory or test facilities, schools, hospitals, data centers, and machine shops. Pre-engineered plug-in opening locations ensure no interference for greater density and maximum flexibility. This is especially important in high tech areas requiring frequent movement of equipment. Integral current monitoring and surge protection are available upon request. Do you need help on a concrete project?


Low Amp Busway

When you need a cost-effective power delivery solution, you face the challenge of balancing performance with value to efficiently distribute power throughout your facility. For added convenience, our busway products and accessories are readily available, easy to order and install. Do you need help on a concrete project? Do you need a quote for any of our products or solutions?


Busway Systems


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