Quick Links. Download this manual. Also applies to the following accessories: mixing. Please read thoroughly before use.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Also applies to the following accessories: mixing. Please read thoroughly before use.

Table of Contents. Single channel modulating programmable room thermostat 4 pages. Page 2: Table Of Contents Page The heating system is controlled in such a way that you benefit from optimum heating comfort and minimum energy consumption.

You can save a lot of energy by choosing a heating program to match your lifestyle. The RC30 offers four options on "night mode" for reducing the room temperature. Your installer will select and set up one of these options according to your requirements: — If the second heating circuit is used to supply a separate flat or area of the building, a separate room controller RC20 can also be installed Fig.

Page 10 This is controlled by the function module WM We reserve the right to make any changes due to technical modifications. Page Tips On Economical Heating Here are a few tips on how to heat economically, without sacrificing comfort, using your RC Only heat if you need warmth. Use the heating programs preset in the RC30 or those which you have tailored to your personal needs.

Ventilate correctly during the cold season: Open the windows wide three to four times per day for approx. Page 12 DHW circulation pump for three minutes in every Arrange with your installer to service your heating system annually. Page For Your Safety Please read these instructions carefully.

Always observe the safety instructions to prevent injury and material losses. Disposal Dispose of packaging in an environmentally responsible manner. Dispose of old components in an environmentally responsible manner. Other notes Assembly, maintenance and repairs, as well as fault diagnosis, must only be carried out by installers. Page 16 Opening the flap activates a switch allowing you to use the extended functions and special functions.

Page Quick Reference Guide Selecting a heating program page 39 Select: heating circuit, DHW, solar page 35 Back to previous level menu , settings are retained We reserve the right to make any changes due to technical modifications.

It is only switched off if the heating system is switched off, e. The power consumption is designed for this constant operation and at 0.

Proceed as follows: Open the flap by pulling the recessed grip on the left. Simultaneously press the "Display", "Heating circuit" and "Back" buttons. Page Basic Functions The basic functions are controlled by pressing and holding a button on the right-hand side of the RC30 and turning the dial. Changing the room temperature directly If it is too cold in the house in general, increase the room temperature on the RC30 and leave the thermostatic radiator valves unaltered.

Page Basic Functions 7 Page 22 "AUT" button. Page 23 i. Page 25 If your installer has selected "Shutdown" as the setback type, a room temperature cannot be set for night mode see "Why do I need a heating program? With the factory setting, DHW heating begins automatically 30 minutes before day mode starts the first heating circuit, and ends when the last circuit switches to night mode see Fig.

Reloading will then be terminated. Page Extended Functions By turning the dial you modify the values which flash in the display. Release the button. Modified values are saved.

Page Setting The Date The correct date must be set on your heating system in order for it to work properly. After an extended power failure, for example, you will therefore have to reset the date on the RC Hold down "Weekday" and select the current day with the dial. Page Selecting A Heating Circuit Subject to the equipment level of your heating system, the following heating circuits can be selected: — RC30 heating circuits all heating circuits that are assigned to the RC30, see "RC30 heating circuits" page 36 — Heating circuit 1 unmixed heating circuit — Page 36 Several heating circuits can be controlled at the same time using the RC These are grouped together under the term "RC30 heating circuits".

Page Changing Settings For Another Heating Circuit — Heating circuit 1 or 2 not available if more than one heating circuit is assigned to the RC30 If more than one heating circuit is assigned to the RC30, the room temperature and operating mode for these heating circuits can only be set together.

Page Selecting And Modifying A Heating Program This will be subject to the outside temperature, the building insulation and the drop in room temperature. The "Optimisation " function of the RC30 calculates the various heat-up times. Ask your installer whether he has activated this function.

If he has, all you need to do is enter the times at which your home should be warm. See the next page for a summary of the time settings for the preset heating programs. Please check which heating program best meets your requirements.

Page 43 — To add more switching points, refer to section 8. Page 44 Make sure that there is an OFF switching point for every ON switching point so that the heating system can also switch back to night mode. The RC30 offers blocks of days, which makes programming easier. Page 46 Press "Back". The first switching point Monday, appears. Using the dial select the first switching point to be deleted. Example: "". The following values can be displayed as the standard display Release the "Display" button to store a changed value.

Page Setting The Holiday Function The set holiday function starts at on the start day and ends at on the end day. You can only enter one holiday period at a time. Page 59 Release the "Display" button. Page 60 Release the "Display" button. The holiday temperature is stored. Page 61 To run the heating in day mode : Press "Day mode".

To continue the holiday function: Press "AUT". Page 63 You do not need to enter a room temperature for the bank holiday function, because it will automatically be taken from the active heating program. Page Calibrating The Room Temperature Calibrating the room temperature There may be a separate thermometer near to the RC30, displaying a different value. If you want to calibrate the RC30 to the thermometer, you can use the "Calibration" function.

Before calibrating the room temperature, please consider the following points: — Release the "Display" button. The set calibration value is stored. The number of hours is stored. Press the "Back" button or close the flap. The Party function is activated. Hold down the "Display" button and select the required heating circuit with the dial. Page 68 Set the number of hours in the Pause function to "0" in order to end it before the specified number of hours has elapsed. Page Thermal Disinfection Turn the dial clockwise to access the other settings.

Changing the standard display You can change the standard display on the RC30 either via the additional menu or directly — as described in Chapter 8.

This section also describes all the standard display options. The key lock is switched off again. When the adjusted outside temperature exceeds the changeover threshold, the heating system switches to summer mode DHW heating only.

If you require heating for a short period in summer mode: Press the "Day mode" Page 74 If you would like a higher level of heating comfort during the in- between seasons, raise the changeover threshold.

Press the "Display" button. Page 77 Release the "Display" button. The preheat phase length is stored. Page Troubleshooting — The separate thermometer must be accurate.

Page 79 The pump then starts up too. Page 80 In the last two cases, the boiler may run even if the actual room temperature is higher than the set room temperature. Page Fault Table There is a fault on the heating system. Open the flap to display the code. Page 82 OFF through a fault shutdown. Try and reset the fault.


Buderus RC30 Manuals

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