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Quick Links. Download this manual. DPR Table of Contents. Page 4: Introduction Introduction Introduction The BSS DPR is a four channel professional noise gate which has been designed for simple and intuitive use, and yet is capable of producing the best results in a wide range of applications.

It incorporates modern integrated circuit technology for high packing density and long term reliability. Page 5: Unpacking Unpacking Mechanical Installation Unpacking As part of the BSS system of quality control, we check every product carefully before packing to ensure that it reaches you in flawless condition.

Before you go any further, please check the unit for any physical damage and retain the shipping carton and all relevant packing materials for use, should the unit need returning. Mains Power Connection 4. The rack framework must also be connected to the same grounding circuit. The unit must NOT be operated unless the power cables' EARTH ground wire is properly terminated - this is important for personal safety as well as for proper control over the system grounding.

Page 7 Note: For USA and Canadian users, the replacement fuse must be of an identical UL rated type fuse for continued compliance with safety standards. It is very unlikely that fuses will blow during normal use, but if replaced fuses continue to blow, then the internal transient suppressors may have become damaged. The gating of microphone signals must be done after the mic-amp, or gain increase section of a mixing console input channel, and would generally occur at the pre-fader or pre-equaliser insert point of the particular channel.

Page Main Outputs The outputs of each channel are electronically balanced and floating, and 5. The nominal input impedance will be the same as the input level when the gate is 'open', as the DPR makes no gain contribution. Page Getting Started Getting started Getting started The instructions in this section are intended to help those people unfamiliar with noise gates and their terminology, and to provide a means of 'getting started'.

The DPR has been designed to need the minimum of operator knowledge and setup procedures, and is capable of producing excellent results with the adjustment of only one control. Page 13 used, and the key level meter has been designed to provide accurate information for a whole range of operation methods. The threshold control is the most important control on the gate and is the only one that will need adjusting to perform simple gating.

These controls can be separated into three classifications depending on their function and usage on the gate. These filters are used to control the frequency content of the signal being sent to the gate control circuitry and allow the filtering-out of information not required to control the gating action. Page Key Listen Fig 7. This also applies to any external equipment connected via the EXT key input socket.

In application it would be used during the setup of the side-chain key filter and width controls, as it is often easier to more accurately set them whilst listening to their effect. Page Threshold Operating Instructions 7. Page Gate Open Indicator very 'safe' gating such as for vocals, the signal will show nearer full scale, and for critical close-mic gating such as for drums, the signal peaks will show only a few dBs above the 0dB threshold point. Page 18 Operating Instructions gate 'chattering' on and off during natural short pauses in program material, such as speech.

It always precedes the start of release. To minimise operator set up time, the DPR incorporates the hold function by combining it with the release function. Page 19 Notice, that once the attack sequence has been initiated by an event that is the key side-chain signal has exceeded 0dB on the key level meter it will continue through to the end of the timing cycle regardless as to whether the key signal has since fallen below 0dB threshold.

Page Range Operating Instructions 7. Figure 7. Fig 7. Page Link 7. The first group is operated by the controls of channel 1 only; Page 22 Operating Instructions This allows the gate to be triggered by an event that is not the same program event connected to the input connector.

In application this allows the gate channel to be controlled by two other methods. Firstly, a totally independent signal can be connected at this point, such that the gate will be triggered open by an event which is not related to the program appearing at the input connector. Page Service Section Figure 8. Fig 8. Risk of electric shock if the unit is opened. BSS Audio accepts no responsibility for injury subsequent to opening of the unit.

Page Warranty Information Warranty Information Warranty Information When sold to an end user by BSS Audio or a BSS Audio Authorised Reseller, this unit is warranted by the seller to the purchaser against defects in workmanship and the materials used in its manufacture for a period of one year from the date of sale. Page Specifications Specifications Page User Notes User Notes This manual is also suitable for: Dpr Print page 1 Print document 28 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account?

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BSS Audio DPR 504 User Manual

The DPR is a 4-channel noise gate. Each channel features: A parametric key filter with key filter listening. Simultaneous key level and threshold metering with average and peak metering. A gate status LED. Link links two channels together.



It incorporates modern integrated circuit technology for high packing density and long term reliability. Ingenious proprietary techniques are employed to make the engineers life easier without compromise to performance or versatility. Usually Ships in Business Days. The parametric EQ approach provides a higher degree of control for accurately rejecting spurious unwanted gate triggers than similar shelving filters.


Used BSS DPR-504 Quad Noise Gate for Sale

Taxes are charged in the following regions either by the seller, per their tax policy, or by Reverb as a Marketplace Facilitator:. Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging and no signs of use. Buyer assumes responsibility for all return shipping costs unless the item was not received as described. Please note the all sales are final. The only returns are for DOA items dead on arrival or damaged in transit at which point we will file a claim with the courier for your refund. No returns for subjective issues - you didn't like the sound or decided it didn't suit your needs, minor cosmetic quibbles, etc.


BSS DPR 504 DPR504 4-channel Quad Noise Gate


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