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Your tool is equipped with a variable speed trigger switch. The speed can be adjusted from the minimum to maximum nameplate RPM by the pressure you apply to the trigger. Apply more pressure to increase the speed and release pressure to decrease speed.

The "Lock-ON" button, located in the handle of your tool allows for continuous operation at maximum RPM without holding the trigger. Regardless of the the pressure applied on trigger, the tool will not operate any faster that the maximum speed setting selected. Setting A-B. The jigsaw cutting speed or stroke rate required depends on the material being cut, the type of blade used, and the feed rate preferred by the operator.

The best speed for a particular application is largely determined by experience, though as a general rule, slower speeds are for denser materials and faster speeds for soft materials. Note that when the jigsaw is used at low speed settings for any length of time, the motor temperature will rise due to the slower speed of the internal cooling fan. In such cases, it is necessary to occasionally run the tool at full speed for a few minutes to keep the motor operating at high efficiency.

Maximum cutting efficiency can be obtained by adjusting the blade orbit selector lever to suit the material being cut. The following chart will help you determine which setting to use for your application.

This chart is intended as a guideline only, and test cuts in scrap material should be performed first to determine the best setting. Setting O hard materials such as metals or. Operating Instructions. Set the blade orbit selector lever to position III. Pull blade change knob upward as far as it will go and turn it three turns counter-clockwise viewed from the top of the tool.

With a slight upward pressure, turn the blade teeth forward direction of cut and guide the back of the blade into the groove in the center of blade roller guide. Pull gently down on the blade to seat the blade tabs in the plunger. With the blade in the proper position, turn.

Depress knob to disengage and continue to turn knob until it is aligned with the curvature of the handle, and can be pressed back into its normal position. Press down on knob until it is flush with the handle, and the jigsaw is ready for use. Removing the blade is essentially the reverse of the installation procedure, however, take note that once the blade change knob is loosened, gently push the blade upward to release the blade tabs from the plunger.

Bosch manuals. With the blade in the proper position, turn knob clockwise until a noticable "Clic" noise is heard, indicating that the blade is locked in place. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable.


Bosch Power Tools 1587VS Saw User Manual



User manuals



Assembly, Operating instructions – Bosch 1587DVS User Manual



Bosch 1587VS Manuals


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