Sitting in this dimly lit alcove, almost like a castle made of mismatching brick of the surrounding buildings with gates made of steal dumpsters, sits the leader of the local pack of Bone Gnawers. His short dirty build is barely able to hide the wired muscle behind it. Though his Metis deformity is apparent with him standing barely 5 feet tall in Glabro, he has made up for it with pluck and cunning. Already I have seen this man turn a con that not only relieved my cab driver of his funds and dinner, but also got me here when I fully intended to be elsewhere. Finally time to lower yourself to talk to the Gnawers huh? I see how it is.

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At the dawn of the Impergium, the Bone Gnawers were not a tribe, but a caste: the omega wolves, shamed, weak, castaways. The greatest in station gained the first share of the kill; the "bone gnawers' ate last. They were still warriors, treated as better than humans but not given the right to breed with the kinfolk for fear their weaknesses would be spread to the next generation.

The Bone Gnawers became an actual tribe after the formation of the Western Concordiat. At first, they were just called urrah, "unclean". As scavengers, they began to live among humans and feed off their herds and fields. Packs and then septs emerged, giving their homage to Rat and developing a parasitic relationship with humans and their early cities.

They created their own human kinfolk among peasants and slaves but continued to adopt in Garou who were rejected, ostracized and exiled from other tribes. Survival, rather than the Litany, was the Bone Gnawer's pressing issue. They lost their reverence for Gaia without falling to the Wyrm. Hardbitten, cynical and practical, the tribe focussed on finding enough food and shelter and protection against other threats, especially both the Black Spiral Dancers and the Highborn: the Silver Fang, Fenrir and Fianna.

They developed their own laws, called the Bans. Unlike England, Wales was very slow to urbanize. By the end of the 13th century, Cardiff was the only town in Wales with a population exceeding 2, and it possessed the only sept of Bone Gnawers. The Black Death and the Shattering struck in and then the town was burnt by Owain Glyndwr and his rebel forces in Both times the city- and the Bone Gnawers- bounced back.

The Bone Gnawers have a spiritual prohibition to cause no harm to the children of Rat. The Warders of Men and Children of Gaia had no such prohibition, however. Both tribes struck out against the ratkin during the Shattering and the decades thereafter. Newport developed its own sept of Bone Gnawers separate from Cardiff in the mid s.

They were a thriving sept with limited contact with vampires before Prince Indrus and his court fled there in The emergence of the vampire eldership brought Newport's Bone Gnawers and Warders of Men into cooperation for the very first time. Before then, both tribes had as little involvement was possible, the Children of Gaia generally mediating and working with both. The Bone Gnawers did not have the influence of the Children of Gaia and Glass Walkers there but it was nevertheless a home- and the city has become inhospitable to all the Concordiat tribes.

Pauper's Field was formed in the mid s. It is a minor caern but the only territory exclusively belonging to the Bone Gnawers. Only a handful of Gnawers are born into the tribe from kinfolk; most are adopted in after being ostracized from a different tribe. They give up their name and previous identity to become someone new to both the nation and the Umbrood.

The village of Rogiet and the hamlet of Llanfihangel Rogiet contain the housing and kinfolk of the dozen odd sept members. The tribe doesn't have a lot of solidarity in the protectorate. Outside of Pauper's Field, they tend to join mixed packs within a political faction.

Some operate alone or with kinfolk and other allies. Bonegnawers and Bonegnawer kinfolk actively participate in the following camps: Bringers of Winter, Frankenweilers, Hillpeople, Peace Makers and Ratfinks. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Rhys Crying Mountain Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save.


Bone Gnawers

The Bone Gnawers claim to descend from the underdogs of Garou society, their name itself being an insult from the alphas and more noble werewolves in the Garou Tongue. Many of the earliest Bone Gnawers were banned from their own tribes, seeking to redeem themselves by joining the lowliest among them who always fought on the front lines against the minions of the Wyrm. It was only during the Concord that these poor bastards joined and eventually formed the Tribe, but they refused the separation of Garou and humanity. Instead, they prefer to prowl in their cities, far from the houses and influences of the Warders of Apes.


Bone Gnawer

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