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Reliability test condition was reviewed. Generally reviewed. Starting sequence was reviewed. Scope 2. References 3. Requirements 3. Quality assurance 4. Ordering Information 6. Application note 6. DWG No. It converts the electrical information analog signal corresponding to a mechanical rotational angle of the Resolver to a digital signal and transmits it.

It was developed for the main purpose of being simple, low cost, and having high quality enough to be mounted on vehicles, while maintaining high reliability that the Resolver Synchro system has conventionally had.

It provides you with a wide range of applications in angle detection. Example of system The Smartcoder AUN1 realizes a high reliable absolute angle detection system when combined with the brushless Resolver BRX and it has the following special features.

The contents of detection are shown below. Negative feedback control loop. Refer to Paragraph 6. Operating pulse waveform equivalent to an encoder Note: The pulses equivalent to an encoder may chatter at the edge of switching. It should be noted that the phase relation between A and B pulses and the pulse width, etc. In case of using A and B pulses, they should be reversibly counted in the signal processing side to prevent the angle error accumulation due to chattering or noise, etc.

The output signal format is shown in Table 1. Table 1. The operational waveform of serial signal output is shown in Figure 3. Table 2. Table 3. Symbol External excit. Frequency sel. Digital GND Com. TEST1 signal in No. Specification of input resistance Input resistance Resistance ratio Min.

Figure 6. Schmitt trigger input Figure 7. Equivalent circuit for digital output DWG No. Multiplex circuit structure for parallel output DWG No. Equivalent circuit for bus interface 8 Serial DATA signal output circuit The equivalent circuit for serial data output is shown in Figure Equivalent circuit for serial data output DWG No. Differential input: : According to Paragraph 3. The circuit structure for the built-in test is shown in Attached figure 1.

Table 4. Abnormal signal of sensor n Abnormal High end 0. Low end 0. Table 5. Table 6. Table 7. C Sym. Items Condition Min. VDD 0. Table 8. C Symbols Items Condition Min. Figure Timing chart of serial signals DWG No. Timing of bus control 0 min. Data3 Parity3 Figure Therefore, make error reset before using. In actual operation the power should be turned on or started up by any one of the following methods of i to iii. The detailed timing of power-on is shown in Figure and the timing of power-off is shown in Figure Rotational velocity at start: 20, rpm max.

ACMD ms max. Abnormality detection function Error output Invalid ms max. Valid Figure Indefinite Figure Therefore use it under the condition of system interlock with the error signal in the system operation. Figure shows the recovering sequence of instantaneous power-off for the bit resolution. This occurrence varies depending on the condition. Recovering 20ms min. This is the same for the case of instantaneous power-off. C within the range shown in Figure Power derating characteristics DWG No.

Failed products, due to workmanship, within this one-year term will be replaced at no charge. Smartcoder AUN1 is a semi-conductor integrated circuit electronic device with high-grade quality level for use in automobiles, trains, etc. Therefore, the customer is to assume this responsibility, considering the possibility of failure, and to design multiple back-up measures within the equipment or system to avoid a serious system failure. Table 9. Test items High temperature operating life test High temp.

C Current injection of mA Test time 2, hr 2, hr hr 2, Cyc. Application note Examples of practical circuits for application are shown as follows. Therefore, it is necessary to consider that the resistor for applying DC bias should be as large as possible in the range negligible to the output impedance ZSS of the Resolver, and simultaneously the output value of the Resolver signal monitor should be less than the threshold value of 0.

In case where DC bias is not set i. Table Note: In the above column of power supply, Reg. RR2 20 k 20 k 20 k External resistor to be added Ref.

Ci R2 0. Adjustment method of external input for exciting Resolver Leading phase ii Adjustment method for lagging phase Insert an adequate capacitor between the R1E and R2E terminals in Figure or Parallel bus interface mode DWG No.

However it cannot resist all environments of noise. Some practical countermeasures against noise are as follows. Countermeasure I When mounting the motor and Resolver, consider the structure and materials to shield them and minimize the magnetic loop by means of cutting the magnetic field off i.

Countermeasure II When leakage flux cannot be completely prevented, the exciting voltage i. Generally, these noises are not likely to be induced on low impedance exciting lines and the countermeasures are not needed in this case. It is important to select the time constant of filter to be effective only for noise and not to affect the inherent waveform of Resolver. Using a separated power source i. Dedicated power source may be more effective. Also the wiring should be separated from any motor cable.

Countermeasure VII GND Ground lines should be low impedance type to insure noise reduction from common impedance and effective with shielding. It is a method whereby the potential of a driver heat sink, motor case, etc.

Countermeasure VIII Driver and sensor circuits should be physically separated and covered with a shield case respectively. Therefore any tracking error in constant velocity i. By means of improving the dynamic accuracy in the wide range including unexpected high angular acceleration, more correct sensing is possible to the mechanical angular rotation.

In addition to the improvement of inherent dynamic accuracy, the switching of internal control mode is expected to improve the dynamic performance more and to contribute to the improvement of control efficiency in the application of motor control. The switching of internal control mode in Smartcoder AUN1 is performed as follows.


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