Embed Size px x x x x Termination of pregnancy, either spontaneously or intentionallyPregnancy termination prior to 20 weeks gestation or less than g birthweight Definition vary according to state laws for reporting abortions, fetal deaths, and neonatal deaths. Abortion occurring without medical or mechanical means to empty the uterus is referred to as spontaneous Another widely used term is miscarriagePathology. Hemorrhage into the decidua basinalis, followed by necrosis of tissues adjacent to the bleeding If early, the ovum detaches, stimulating uterine contractions that result in its ovulation Gestational sac is opened , fluid surrounding a small macerated fetus or alternatively no fetus is visible blighted ovum. The skull bones collapse, the abdomen distends with bloodstained fluid, and the internal organs degenerate. When amnionic fluid is absorbed, the fetus may become compressed and desiccated fetal compressus The fetus become so dry and compressed that it resembles parchment - a fetus papyraceous.

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Gambut Banjarmasin : Married : Mr. S : 20 years old : Private : Junior high school. Nursing History a. Main complaint Client said that she feel pain on the abdomen and anxiety. Mother perception to pregnancy Client said that feel anxiety because his pregnancy problem. Its pregnancy can make change behavior his pregnancy problem No change with live day.

What the hope of mother during pregnancy She want have baby. Mother stay with Husband. Who important person for mother Husband and parents g. Attitude family member what mother pregnancy All family care with her. Mental already for to be mother Yes. Obstetric History a. History of menstruation : Menarce : 13 years old. Now Pregnancy F. Health History The disease there was no that mother had The family there was no that disease H.

Specially Needs A. Nutrition a. Kind food : vegetable and vegetarian c. Allergy : nothing B. Elimination Urinated a. Frequency b. Color c. Complaint between with urinated Defecated a. Color : yellow c. Smell : yes d. Consistention : e.

Complaint : nothing. Rest and sleep. Daily health influence Client not smoking and drunker I. Physical Assessment a. Nursing Diagnosis 1. Intervention Dx Intervention Assess the client level of pain Encourage relaxation and distraction Give area comfort and private Give inform consent for client Observation vital sign Collaboration with team medic team.

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Sweetheart i'm Pregnant the Miracle of Procreation. Jump to Page. Search inside document. S : 20 years old : Private : Junior high school B. Sight Eyes position Eyes ball Eyes movement Eyes ball movement Conjunctiva Cornea : symmetric : normal : normal : normal : normal : normal c.

Respiratory Airways Breathing Sound breath Use muscle breath : clean : good : vesikuler : no d. Digestive Mouth condition : clean Teeths Abdominal : good : pain G. Nelly Oktoliani. Marcio Nicaretta. Eleane Rae Libante Najarro. Wiliam Silva Carrillo. Bunny Cabigon. Abs Pangader. Yana Pot. Putra Pramudia Akbar. Sri Nor Syazwani. Abby Rogers. Ferry Anggriawan. SaNnie Remotin. Abdul Bambang Syukur.

Vina Ratnasari. Tina Margaretha. Zenku Rider. Chamyka Soleta. Nadym Dimitrij. Arnie Alcazar. Popular in Health Treatment. Natalia Ihalauw. Chindia Bunga.

Leslie Noelle Garcia. Mei Rizqi. Paul Radulescu. Mauricio Martinez. Daniela Marie Ronquillo. Robert Lee. Ihsan Nur Mahmudi. Ashok Kp. Perry Sin. Alia Eses. Denata Prabhasiwi.

Stacey Woods. Shilpie Chakravarty. Erinda Narulita.


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Laporan Pendahuluan Abortus Inkomplit

Gambut Banjarmasin : Married : Mr. S : 20 years old : Private : Junior high school. Nursing History a. Main complaint Client said that she feel pain on the abdomen and anxiety.


Lp Abortus

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