Almost all religions describe God as light. Light is the manifested form of the Super Consciousness. Sun is the single source of light and heat energies and he is the controller of weather. He ushers in the seasons and rains.

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Sri Venkateswara Temple of Austin. Special abishekam will be performed to Sri. Subramaniya, Valli and Devasena on Shashti. To register to include your name and birth star in the Homam, visit.

Surya Homam is good for health. Pleae come and join for Surya Namaskarams for good Health and Prosperity. Ratha Saptami is celebrated on the seventh day in the bright half of the month, in the month of Magha January- February. It marks the advent of spring in the Northern hemisphere. It is also observed as Surya Jayanthi, believed to be the day, Sun God considered as an incarnation of Sriman Narayana, took birth as the son of the divine couple Aditi and Sage Kashyapa.

Vihaayasagatir Jyotih suruchir huta bhug vihbuh. Ravirvilochanah suryah savitaa raviloochanah. Worshipping Sun God on Ratha Saptami is highly sacred and meritorious.

Surya is a God that all can see, perceive and pray to. He is the divine light, life giver, and time giver. Vedas adore Him as a witness of all actions. On Ratha saptami, it is practice in many customs to bathe with the Arka leaf, during Arunodaya Kalam before sunrise. Sun worship is also prescribed as recourse against Navagraha doshas, to get progeny for the childless.

Sun worship is recommended to many to cure illness and get rid of persistent health issues. He is considered as the health giver and sun rays have healing powers. One who prays to Lord Surya everyday is blessed with the above, will not have disease, misfortune, and poverty and will get Moksha.

Suryashtakam idham nithyam,. Gruha peeda pranasanam,. Aputhro labhathe puthram,. Daridhro dhanavan Bhaveth. Aamisham madhu panam cha,. Ya karothi raver dhine,. Saptha janma bhaved rogi,. Janma janma dharidhratha. Sthree thails madhu maamsani. Yasth yejathu raver dhine,. Na vyadhi soka dharidhryam,. Surya lokam sa gachathi. Contact Information. Both temples are located at: W. New Hope Drive.

Mailing Address:. Box Vihaayasagatir Jyotih suruchir huta bhug vihbuh Ravirvilochanah suryah savitaa raviloochanah - Vishnu Sahasranama, Sri Surya Yanthram. Contact Information Both temples are located at: W.


Aruna Parayana

Aruna is also found in Buddhism and Jainism literature and arts. Aruna and Garuda are the sons of Vedic sage Kashyapa and his wife Vinata. In Mahabharata Surya offered Aruna and the divine chariot to his son Karna which he denied as he didn't want to rely on others to win the war like Arjuna who always depended upon Krishna. In the Upanishadic literature such as the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad , a different sage is named Aruna whose son is also a Vedic sage named Uddalaka. Aruna is found in different, inconsistent Indian mythologies.


Aruna Parayanam

Endowments Commissioner M Padma, along with her family members and temple executive officer MV Suresh Babu, participated in the rituals conducted by the priests at yagasala. I Express. Temple priests, under the supervision of sthanacharya Vishnubhotla Siva Prasad Sarma, performed special rituals, such as Sri Maha Ganapathi pooja, punyahavachanam, acharya rutivikavaruna, saurashitkari maha mantra havanam, maha mrityunjaya mantra havanam, seethala maha mantra havanam, aruna parayanam, saura parayanam, surya namaskar and chandi havanam. Regular fixtures such as chandi homam, sri chakra archana pooja, kadgamalaarchana and others were also conducted as usual. However, devotees were not allowed for darshan of the presiding deity. Siva Prasad added the devotees can worship the goddess by staying at home rather than thronging the temple as precautionary measure to prevent the spread of the virus.



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