Working with Maxwell Projects and Designs A Maxwell project is a folder that includes one or more Maxwellmodels, or designs. Each design ultimately includes a geometric model, its boundary conditions and material assignments, and field solution and post-processing information. A new project called Projectn is automatically created when the software is launched, where n is a number. If you select the Insert a design of type radio buttion on the General Options:Project Options tab, a design of the specified type is automatically created for the new project.

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Contents Contents This document discusses some basic concepts and terminology used throughout the Ansoft Maxwell application. It provides an overview of the following topics: 0. Parametric Model Creation 2.

Solution Types 2. Mesh Overview 3. Data Reporting 4. Examples — Magnetostatic 6. Examples — Eddy Current 7. Examples — Transient 8. Ansoft Maxwell Fundamentals What is Maxwell? Maxwell is a high-performance interactive software package that uses finite element analysis FEA to solve three-dimensional 3D electric, magnetostatic, eddy current, and transient problems.

Electric 3D fields: Electrostatic 3D fields in dielectrics caused by a user-specified distribution of voltages and charges. Additional computed quantities you can specify include torque, force, and capacitances.

Electric 3D fields in conductors, characterized by a spatial distribution of voltage, electric field, and DC current density. The main additional quantity in this case is power loss. A combination of the first two with conduction solutions being used as boundary conditions for an electrostatic problem.

Magnetostatic: Magnetostatic: Linear and nonlinear 3D magnetostatic fields caused by a user-specified distribution of DC current density, voltage, permanent magnets, or externally applied magnetic fields. Additional computed quantities you can specify include torque, force, and inductances self and mutual.

Eddy current: Harmonic sinusoidal variation in time steady state 3D magnetic fields with pulsation-induced eddy currents in massive solid conductors caused by one of the following: by a user-specified distribution of AC currents all with the same frequency but with possibly different initial phase angles , or by externally applied magnetic fields. The eddy solution is a full wave solution that includes electromagnetic wave radiation effects.

Rotational or translational motion effects can also be included in the simulation. Click Maxwell 11 Because of changes to the Maxwell files with the development of Maxwell v11, opening a Maxwell document from an earlier release may take more time than you are used to experiencing. However, once the file has been opened and saved, subsequent opening time will return to normal Ansoft Maxwell v11 provides a way for you to automatically convert your Maxwell projects from an earlier version to the Maxwell v11 format.

To access Maxwell projects in an earlier version. From Maxwell v11, v11 1. Open dialog 1. Browse to the existing project and select the. Getting Help Getting Help If you have any questions while you are using Ansoft Maxwell you can find answers in several ways: Ansoft Maxwell Online Help provides assistance while you are working.

To get help about a specific, active dialog box, click the Help button in the dialog box or press the F1 key. Tooltips Tooltip are available to provide information about tools on the toolbars or dialog boxes. When you hold the pointer over a tool for a brief time, a tooltip appears to display the name of the tool. As you move the pointer over a tool or click a menu item, the Status Bar at the bottom of the Ansoft Maxwell window provides a brief description of the function of the tool or menu item.

Ansoft Technical Support To contact Ansoft technical support staff in your geographical area, please log on to the Ansoft corporate website, www. Your Ansoft sales engineer may also be contacted in order to obtain this information. Visiting the Ansoft Web Site If your computer is connected to the Internet, you can visit the Ansoft Web site to learn more about the Ansoft company and products. From your Internet browser Visit www. The Ansoft Support Pages provide additional documentation, training, and application notes.

This feature automatically scans your system to find any Ansoft software, and then allows you to download any updates if they are available. Ansoft Terms Ansoft Terms The Ansoft Maxwell window has several optional panels: A Project Manager which contains a design tree which lists the structure of the project. A Message Manager that allows you to view any errors or warnings that occur before you begin a simulation. A Property Window that displays and allows you to change model parameters or attributes.

A Progress Window that displays solution progress. A 3D Modeler Window which contains the model and model tree for the active design. For more information about the3D Modeler Window, see chapter 1. Design Windows Design Windows In the Ansoft Maxwell Desktop, each project can have multiple designs and each design is displayed in a separate window.

You can have multiple projects and design windows open at the same time. Also, you can have multiple views of the same design visible at the same time. To arrange the windows, you can drag them by the title bar, and resize them by dragging a corner or border. To organize your Ansoft Maxwell window, you can iconize open designs.

An icon appears in the lower part of the Ansoft Maxwell window. If the icon is not visible, it may be behind another open document.

Resize any open documents as necessary. You are prompted to Save unsaved designs. Toolbars Toolbars The toolbar buttons are shortcuts for frequently used commands. Most of the available toolbars are displayed in this illustration of the Ansoft Maxwell initial screen, but your Ansoft Maxwell window probably will not be arranged this way.

You can customize your toolbar display in a way that is convenient for you.


4.Working With Maxwell Projects and Design




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