The English translation project of Joseon Wangjo Sillok is to translate page by page this extensive chronicle with documenting the whole gamut of the Joseon dynasty for about five centuries and, upon the completion of the translation of each volume, to provide free its English translation. The National Institute of Korean History aims to complete the English translation of the royal archives by The Joseon wangjo sillok Veritable Records of the Joseon Dynasty includes 28 different sets of chronological records, and each set covers one ruler's reign. It was compiled immediately after the death of the ruler in question.

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In this TV drama, the male protagonist, a scholar supporting the reinstatement of the deposed Queen In-Hyun in the Joseon Dynasty time-travelled to the Seoul, and fell in love with an actress who was cast as Queen In-Hyun in a TV drama.

The records of King Gojong 26th ruler and King Sunjong the 27th and final ruler are not included in the Joseon Annals because these records were prepared during the Japanese colonial period not in accordance with the strict compilation standards, and there might be distortions of the records.

The Joseon Annals consist of 1, volumes and are arranged by chronological order, including the events of every single day during the year history. The annals were compiled based on daily records kept by the historiograpers and other reference materials such as records kept by the government departments.

Even the king could not interfere with the recording of the historiographers — one incident was that King Taejong fell off his horse while hunting and asked the historiographer not to record this.

For the time being, for those who cannot read classical Chinese and Korean, you may get a glimpse of the Joseon Annals by reading the sample English translation of the annals of King Sejong by clicking this link. You can also get a good introduction of the Joseon Annals by watching this video. For flash news on Korean culture, you can also follow me on Twitter Kalbi You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Annals of Joseon Dynasty

The annals, or sillok , comprise 1, volumes and are thought to cover the longest continual period of a single dynasty in the world. The Annals has since been digitalized by the National Institute of Korean History [3] and available on the internet [4] with Modern Korean translation in Hangul and original text in Classical Chinese. In January , the National Institute of Korean History announced that they are to translate the Annals into English by the year During the reign of a king, professional historiographers maintained extensive records on national affairs and the activities of the state. They collected documents and wrote daily accounts that included state affairs as well as diplomatic affairs, the economy, religion, meteorological phenomena, the arts, and daily life, among other things.


Annals of Joseon Dynasty to be translated into English



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