Anaglypta is one of the best known and oldest wallpaper brands, starting in The Anaglypta brand is synonymous with paintable wallpaper and remains the definitive collection offering a very wide range of designs. Browse all Anaglypta products. In stock. A luxury textured blown vinyl wallcovering on a flat backed paper.

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Anaglypta paintable wallcovering collection is a diverse array of patterns, from stucco texture effects, to fleur de lis and dado panels. Create stylish wall decor to match your tastes with these beautiful paintables. Wishlist 0. My Cart 0. View All. Anaglypta Wallpaper Collection Shop Anaglypta Wallpaper Patterns Anaglypta paintable wallcovering collection is a diverse array of patterns, from stucco texture effects, to fleur de lis and dado panels. View as Grid List. Display 24 48 96 per page.

Hera Black Shadow Textured Wallpaper. Add dimension to your walls with this simply elegant wallpaper. Its rich black hue gives its textured design a contemporary edge. Hera is an unpasted, expanded vinyl wallpaper. Add to cart Add to compare list Add to wishlist. Hera Dove Textured Wallpaper. Its timeless neutral hue creates a versatile textured design that's perfect for any room. Hera Grey Textured Wallpaper.

With a detailed textured design and stylish grey hue, this print has a sophisticated look. Hera Honey Textured Wallpaper. With a warm honey hue, this textured design will transform rooms to an inviting and welcoming space.

Hera Silver Shadow Textured Wallpaper. Its chic silver hue gives its textured design an elevated look. Hera White Textured Wallpaper. Its off-white textured design has a timeless and classic style. Hex Paintable Geometric Wallpaper. Solid hexagons outlined by vertical borders create a mesmerizing geometric pattern. The simple but striking design can be left white or painted to match a room's color scheme. Hex is a unpasted, vinyl, paintable wallpaper. Hive Paintable Geometric Wallpaper. A retro take on a traditional honeycomb pattern.

The textured design would look lovely in any color, or can be left white for subtle visual intrigue. Hive is a unpasted, vinyl, paintable wallpaper. Inca Paintable Tribal Wallpaper. Simple raised shapes make up small squares that intersect to form a larger pattern. The historically inspired design could be painted in rich earth tones to enhance the organic look. Inca is a unpasted, vinyl, paintable wallpaper.

Baroque Paintable Dado. This Baroque inspired paintable panel brings walls to life with beautiful architectural details and a luxe texture finish. Cloisters Paintable Luxury Vinyl.

A design of beautifully cloistered arches brings elaborate detail to walls that can easily be customized in the paint color of your choice. Bring textured definition to your space with this fascinating luxury vinyl paintable that can hide both wall and ceiling imperfections.

Cottage Garden Paintable Luxury Vinyl. With a fabulous retro look, this paintable wallpaper makes a dazzling statement on walls. This geometric pattern can be kept as is for a subtle room accent, or painted in the color of your choice for an added burst of flavor. Deco Paradiso Paintable Luxury Vinyl. Create a modern feature wall with this stylish paintable wallpaper that features a deco inspired geometric print.

A perfect way to make a statement in any color or hue, this luxurious design brings dimensional intrigue to any space in your home. Kingfisher Paintable Armadillo. An all over textured wallpaper design, this Armadillo paintable is extremely durable.

Lark Paintable Armadillo. This paintable wallpaper features a chic woven texture that spreads gorgeous detail throughout your room. Perfect for disguising wall imperfections or cracks on the ceiling, this tough and durable wallpaper option doesn't just stand up to wear and tear but will make a lasting impression on walls.

Lincolnshire Brick Paintable Luxury Vinyl. Exposed brick is chic and timeless. Design your own industrial style loft or fashion your own modern kitchen with this beautiful brick paintable that can be left as is or painted in the color of your choice.

Nouveau Paintable Dado. Elaborately decorated in a gorgeous Nouveau inspired design, this stylish dado panel brings a natural inspiration to walls. An elegant tree form takes shape, while architectural accompaniments make a gorgeous statement.

This beautiful paintable panel stands the test of time and can be brilliantly colored in the hue of your choice. Puffin Paintable Armadillo. Featuring a gorgeous hessian weave design, this fabric inspired paintable looks fabulous in any color you choose to adorn it in. Exceptionally durable and perfect for high traffic areas, this warm texture gives walls elegant depth. Robin Paintable Armadillo. Make an enchanted wall statement with this fabulous paintable wallpaper that mimics the look of bark.

Full of style and intrigue, this intricate texture can be left as is or painted in the color of your choice. Toucan Paintable Armadillo. With a rustic plaster effect, this paintable wall paper can be styled in any color you choose. With the option to go bold or stay neutral, this timeless decorating option gives you the freedom to paint as many times as you please.

Wagtail Paintable Armadillo. A beautiful mixture of textured fibers create a dazzling scene on this paintable armadillo wallpaper. Extremely durable, this ideal solution for covering up wall imperfections doesn't sacrifice style by allowing you the option to paint in the color of your choice. Ada Paintable Textured Vinyl. With luxe Victorian charm, this chic paintable wallcovering stylizes walls in a decadent stripe design accented with brilliant cameo detail.

Our paintable textures look radiant on walls and ceilings, and provide a cost effective solution to hide surface imperfections. Albert Paintable Supaglypta. This chic paintable wallpaper looks fashionable on walls with luxe burgeoning medallions that seem to float across walls. Our Supaglypta paintables cover cracks, lumps and bumps as well as can be easily customized in the paint color of your choice, or enjoyed as is in clean white.

Alexander Paintable Supaglypta. Supaglypta paintables offer deeper, firmer and clearly defined textures and this mosaic tile design is no exception. Decorated in a blooming floral print with stylish pom pom accents, this customizable wall paper allows you to create the room you've always wanted. Alfred Paintable Supaglypta.

With an ornate ironwork design, this paintable wall paper brings luxe detail to walls with a diamond patterned backdrop swirled in elegant scroll details. Supaglypta paintables are made with deeper, firmer and clearly defined textures, creating highlight and shadow for dramatic effect. Amber Paintable Textured Vinyl. This chic trellis design adds structured detail to walls with a dash of floral whimsy. Our paintable textures are a fabulous cost effective solution when tackling problem walls and imperfections.

Arundel Paintable Anaglytpa Original. This intriguing stucco print appears to have the look of gravel on walls with an authentic grooved pattern. Our paintable wallpaper is an affordable solution for many ceiling and wall surface issues and allows you the freedom to paint and repaint in the color of your choice.

Berkeley Paintable Anaglytpa Original. A curvaceous tile texture with sleek ironwork detail. This paintable wall covering brings an artistic finish to a room with sophisticated florals and stylish scroll effects.

Paintable wallpapers are an easy and affordable solution for boring walls and can also help with problem walls and imperfections. Customize with the paint of your choice.

A stylish stripe design for walls with a sophisticated marble inspired texture. This chic paintable wallcovering brings luxe detail to wall and ceiling imperfections as well as allows you to customize with the paint color of your choice. Go bold or stay elegant with this easy and affordable home improvement solution. Boyden Paintable Textured Vinyl. With a texture reminiscent to that of a Van Gogh painting, this artistic design looks picturesque as is or customized in a paint color of your choice.

Ideal for walls and ceilings, our paintable wallcoverings offer affordable and easy home improvement and home decor solutions.





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