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The Charles W. Viewing in our offices is possible by appointment only, from 9th to 15th of December. Please note that bidders who acquire lots on the-saleroom. For more information and personal assistance please email switzerland spink. To purchase a catalogue: email: switzerland spink. Per acquistare i nostri cataloghi si prega di contattarci via: e-mail a: switzerland spink.

Please, use this QR code to visit our website, view our catalogues and other publications and place commission bids. Folded letters or covers normally have one or two file folds. These are not described unless of an exceptional nature and are not grounds for return. Any offer below this price will not be considered. Please remind to enter your bids in the correct currency. Non vengono accettate offerte al di sotto di questo prezzo. Si prega di compilare le preofferte nella valuta corretta.

Invoicing and shipping: please refer to the notes at the end of the catalogue. Fatturazione e spedizione: consultare le avvertenze pubblicate in fondo al catalogo. Payment: Buyers are reminded that payment must be made within seven days from the date of sale condition 5.

Please note charges for credit card payments condition 5. Peter Christen - pchristen spink. Administration - Amministrazione Marco Fiori - mfiori spink. The Terms of that notice must be complied with fully under all circumstances. Spink is pleased to continue to offer our brand new on-line bidding platform Spink Live for no charge through www.

Nota: preghiamo tutti i clienti di leggere gli articoli riguardanti le richieste di Extension nelle Condizioni generali di vendita pubblicate nelle condizioni generali di vendita.

One cover with Puschmann certificate. An unusual trio. A magnificent lot featuring different appealing and desirable features of this field, of great interest for the advanced collector. Photo Photos for lot 2 appears on page Cover from Alexandria to Leghorn Italy , bearing Sardinia imperforate 20c. A unique franking, being the highest known on cover of this early issue used in Egypt, with its desirability being augmented by the fact of representing the earliest recorded date of use of the highest denomination, the 80c.

The most significant cover of the Italian post office; it must be considered as one of the most celebrated covers of Egyptian postal-history.

Sassone 15, 16, Von der Weid. Of remarkable significance considering that few mint examples exist with original gum and being free of imperfections. Very fine and rare. A very fine example of this fascinating variety. A superb example of this scarce unused stamp.

Behr and Von der Weid, signed Pfenninger. A highly desirable example of this error, being very scarce in this superior quality. Roumet, signed Brun. Ex Burrus. A choice example in superb quality. Roumet, signed B.

Behr and Calves. Imperfection in bottom left corner and slight vertical crease through adhesive at left; vertical slit on front and part of back of cover.

Despite imperfections, a very rare usage with only ten covers recorded bearing the 1fr. Brun and Calves. A very desirable and rare piece, further enhanced by the very late usage in Brun Photo 9. A magnificent example of this highly desirable and infrequent stamp.

Roumet, signed Brun and Calves. A delightful piece. Enzo Diena, signed Calves. Minute surface scuff on back, barely detracting for this pleasant and desirable rarity in mint condition, which is seldom and represents a key mint stamp in the advanced collection. Most of the significant examples are signed. The great majority being in very fine choice condition. Mainly fine to very fine. Maury , Roumet , 20c. Very fine and scarce. Calves and Enzo Diena.

An extremely fine and most desirable example of this rarity. Very fine and most desirable as a highly difficult stamp in mint condition, which is rarely offered on the market.

Roumet, signed Calves. Von der Weid, signed B. Signed Brun and Calves. Pressed out horizontal crease, barely detracting from this highly desirable and scarce error. BPB Bach-Eichele. Photo Photos also appear on page 11 WWW. Ex Chateau Ramezay collection. Signed Roumet and Calves. II mint, 40c. In predominantly choice condition. Viewing recommended.

Generally fine. Viewing essential. A very rare multiple containing this error. Maury T One perforation at right with very faint tiny tone spot as a result of the gum, only mentioned for accuracy. Gum creases not detracting. Roumet, signed Calves, A. Diena and Fiecchi. A very fine assembly.

Maury 26I. I , 20c. All in very fine condition, most of them being signed, and five accompanied by certificate. An infrequent and very desirable assembly.

Viewing suggested. Fiecchi, signed Em. Signed Calves. Signed Brun and Roumet. A strikingly fine and most desirable exhibition item. Roumet, signed Calves and A. Minute thin at top right, still though very attractive and fresh. II mint 2 and used, 10c. I used 2, one defective , 20c. Four items are accompanied by certificate and several examples are signed. A highly desirable and unusual assembly, in a predominantly very fine state of preservation. Extremely fine. Very fine.


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APRL acquisitions, July A1 As ]. Agaogullari, M. Ziya; Papuccuoglu, M. Bolaffi, Giulio. A1 Bcr ]. Campbell, Alan C.


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Michel - Ubersee Band 9. John S. Dye - Coin Encyclopedia - A com plete illustrated history of the Coins Neumann - Brandenburg - Prussian coinage during the reign of Hohenzollern Artyomov — Catalogue of jubilee and com memorative coins of Ukraine Oliver D.

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