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The name started in for the U. It has traditionally been one of General Motors' most profitable vehicles. It now comes with two engine options either a 5.

It was also briefly marketed as a Holden. Cadillac offers a version called the Escalade ESV. A iSeeCars. The Westchester Suburban name was, in fact, a trademark of U. Body and Forging Co.

Chevrolet began production of its all-steel "carryall-suburban" in These vehicles were also known as the "Suburban Carryall" until GM shortened the name to simply "Suburban". GMC's equivalent to the Chevrolet model was originally named "Suburban" as well, until being rebranded as "Yukon XL" for the model year.

With the end of production of the Dodge Town Wagon in and the Plymouth Fury Suburban station wagon in , only General Motors continued to manufacture a vehicle branded as a "Suburban", and GM was awarded an exclusive trademark on the name in The Suburban of today is a full-size SUV upgraded to extended length from onward to make room for the then-new K5 Blazer that debuted in with three rows of seating, a full pickup truck frame, and V8 engine.

It is one of the few station wagons available with all bench rows. The extra length provides a full-sized cargo area behind the 9 passenger seating area.

It would return as a exclusive to rental, fleet, and government services with the eleventh generation starting with the model year with a 4WD LS and LT trim option, but soft sales would result in Chevrolet discontinuing production on this feature in In recent years, the Suburban has been used as a police truck , fire chief's vehicle , or EMS vehicle. Suburbans are also used as limousines. Gothic black Suburban vehicles are commonly used by federal intelligence services, such as Secret Service for example.

Secret Service operates fully armored versions of the Suburban for the President of the United States when he attends less formal engagements. Sales were low and GM withdrew the model in from Holden's lineup. In , the Suburban commemorated its 80th anniversary at General Motors Arlington Assembly Plant where the 10 millionth Suburban was produced.

In a February 26, article celebrating the vehicle's 83rd year, Car and Driver notes that the Suburban's longevity is due to being one of GM's best selling brands, its appeal to customers across the board regardless of race, gender, class, or political affiliation, and a unique loyalty to the SUV.

And they love their Suburbans. On December 5, , The Chevrolet Suburban became the first vehicle to be awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for its excellence in film and television, having appeared in more than 1, films and television series since , and can also claim to have appeared in at least one television series every year since , and at least one film every year since , the most ever for an automobile of any type.

The star, placed at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue, will also carry the Chevrolet "Bowtie" symbol instead of the entertainment symbols film, stage, television, radio, musical instruments, and recording artist , another first for the Walk of Fame.

There have been a total of twelve generations of Chevrolet Suburbans since its debut, the latest due to go on sale in spring as a model. Much of the body was constructed from wood, and could seat up to eight occupants.

The actual first generation model was offered by Chevrolet as a "Carryall Suburban" — a tough, no-nonsense load carrier featuring a station wagon body on the chassis of a small truck. Focused on functionality, the concept was literally to "carry all": the whole family and their gear were to find sufficient space in one truck. Seating for up to eight occupants was available, with three in front row, two in the middle row, and three in the rear row.

Suburbans were built in model years , , and It was also produced during the war as a military transport vehicle. Models with rear panel doors were designated "," while those with tailgates were designated " The GMC version was equipped with a cubic-inch 6-cylinder engine.

It shared much of its mechanicals with the AK Series trucks. This model generation was based on the Chevrolet Advance Design series of pickups. Beginning in , the Hydra-Matic 4-speed automatic transmission was available in GMC models and in the model year Chevrolet Suburbans. This was the last series to feature " Canopy express " models. The design of the Suburban would inspire the design of the Chevrolet HHR over half a century later.

All Chevrolet and GMC truck models received new styling that included a flatter hood, front fenders flush with the body, and a trapezoid grill. Engines included I-6 and the small block V8s. Chevrolet used its V8 engine, later evolving it to a cubic-inch version. GMC based their V8 on a Pontiac design. Standard Suburban model numbers continued from the previous series, but the introduction of four-wheel-drive models in added the numbers "" for 4WD Suburbans with panel doors, and "" for 4WD Suburbans with tailgates.

Although not documented due to a fire which destroyed the records, the production of Suburban Pickups is understood to be or fewer each model year it was offered from — The styling of the — model year took cues from the late s Chevrolet vehicles and had large oval ports above the grille. Front independent suspension was new for From onwards, the hood styling was more conservative, with hoods that eliminated the large ports.

In , the front glass area was updated to a flatter windshield and larger door glass. This model series introduced a factory-equipped 4WD "K" option for the first time. The 2WD "C" models introduced a torsion bar -based independent front suspension and trailing arm and coil spring rear, but by , returned to a more conventional coil-spring approach.

Engine options included I-6 and small-block V8s. This was actually from GMCs medium-duty truck line. It featured high torque but was also notable for poor fuel economy. Transmissions were a 3-speed and 4-speed manual, the automatic Powerglide and the dual-range Hydramatic in the GMC models. A passenger conversion was done by Stageway of Fort Smith, Ark.

The 6th generation Suburbans featured a single driver-side door and two passenger-side doors, and were available in both 2WD and 4WD models. For the first time, a three-quarter ton version was available. It also became a larger size vehicle as well with the introduction of the K5 Blazer that debuted in for the model year. The Comfort-Tilt steering wheel became optional in This generation of Suburban coincided with the rapid growth of the recreational vehicle market.

While only about 6, Suburbans were produced in , by that number had grown to some 27, In , Chevrolet in Brazil introduced a 5-door version of the Suburban called C known as Veraneio from onwards, which is Portuguese for "summertime". It was based on the contemporary Brazilian Chevrolet C It was initially powered with a Chevrolet 4.

Later it used the cid 4. The Brazilian version of the Suburban was also converted to the current generation at the time and lasted until , was called the Grand Blazer, a successor to the Veraneio. The 4. In , Autoweek ranked the Veraneio fourth among the Chevrolet station wagons that America never got.

It also cited the vehicle's design as "baroque" and summed it up as "It's a s Brazilian crossover. Suburbans for model year [36] now had two doors on each side the previous generation had just one door on the driver's side , front-and-rear air conditioning , a baggage rack, a heater under the third seat and step-plates for easier access.

The V8 was dropped for , supplanted by the and small block V8's in The was dropped after , leaving the as the only available engine in K-series Suburbans as the was not yet offered in 4x4's.

In a new 6. Except for the discontinuation of the V8 in '88 the engine line-up continued mostly unchanged, with the , , and 6. Three-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic and automatic transmissions were available, and the four-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic R4 was introduced in and was available with the small block and 6. Towing packages, with lower axle ratio and heavy-duty cooling additions, were optional. Trim options included base Scottsdale level and upgraded Silverado versions.

An optional 3rd row bench seat allowed for nine-passenger configurations. A rear heating system was optional. For model year , automatic locking front hubs were added for shift-on-the-move four-wheel drive models, and the NP transfer case replaced the NP in most models. For , asbestos was removed from rear brakes. For , a new grille was used. For model year , the method of fuel delivery for the engines was switched from carburetors to electronic fuel injection.

However, for the cubic inch or 7. Suburban gained rear-wheel anti-lock braking system ABS for the model year. A heavy-duty four-speed automatic transmission, the 4LE was added for The similar pickup truck models had switched to the newer platforms in the model year. Both 2WD and 4WD models, designated "C" and "K", were offered, as well as half ton and three-quarter ton "" and "" models.

The base engine for all variants was the small-block 5. The big-block 7. The optional 6. The 6. Ground clearance was 6. Transmissions included the 4L60 four-speed automatic in the series, and the heavier duty 4L80 four-speed automatic in the series and the series fitted with the 6. The manual transmission option from the previous generation was dropped.

The GMT series introduced independent front suspension. The 2WD models used coil springs and 4WD models used torsion bars in the front suspension.



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