How to choose the best domain name (11 tips and tools)

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Choosing the right domain name for your site is crucial for your success. If you choose the wrong domain name , it can bring a lot of trouble later , to change then later without compromising your brand or ranking in the search.

Therefore, it is very important to choose the best domain name from the very beginning.

When you first start it may be difficult to come up with catchy ideas for a business name with a perfect domain name.

In this article, I will share all the tools and tips , that you need , choose the best domain name and register a new domain ( sometimes even free).

1. Stick to the main zones .com , .ru , .rf

Now there are many new domain names of zones , from the standard .com , .net and .org or .ru and .rf to such , as the .EMAIL , .photos , and .blog.

I always recommend choosing a .com or .ru domain name.

New TLDs , such as .ninja PLR .money may be unreliable. There are already experiences , as the new owners of a new zone just closed her support.

Not to mention the fact , that most smartphone keyboards have a .com button.

2. Using keywords in domain name searches

Keywords play an important role in the domain. Using keywords in your domain name , you are telling the search engines , what your site.

It is very difficult to find a good domain name with targeted keywords , which is not yet occupied.

You will need to be creatively combine your keyword with other words , to make your domain name stand out.

3. Short Domain Name

Although keywords are important , do not go too far with the length of the domain.Better to have a short and memorable domain name.

4. Make it so , that your domain name is easy to pronounce, and it was written

You should be able to easily share with your domain name , when you speak , and write. You never know , when you are asked to share their personal domain name.

5. Create it unique and branded.

Your blog’s domain name must be unique , so you can stand out in the minds of your visitors.

You can also choose a more branded domain name.

Branding domain names are unique and memorable. For example , “of” is much more brendiruemy name , than “”

6. Avoid hyphens in the domain name.

Never create a domain name with hyphens. Hyphens can be a sign of spam domainsthat you do not want to mess with.

Hyphenated Domains are also prone to typos. If you choose a domain name with hyphens , so that your desired domain name is already taken , then your users will ,most likely , will be the site of your competitor , if they forget to enter a hyphen.

7. Avoid Duplicate Letters

Avoid double-spelled domains , because it increases your chances of losing trafficdue to a typo. For example , a domain such as will be more prone to typos and will lead to a loss of traffic.

8. Leave room for expansion

This is reasonable , when choosing a domain name , which is related to your industry / niche , because it gives users some idea of what your site is. At the same time , you may also not want to limit your options too much in the long run.

For example , a florist may choose the domain name , but if he suddenly wants to blog about other colors. In this case, the domain can hinder attract readers , are interested in other colors.

9. Domain Name Investigation

Before registering a domain name , try to find out , whether there is already a registered business with the same name.

You can perform a search of the trademark , to see , whether there is already a similar or exact name , is already registered.

Domain Name Investigation

You can also do a Google search and check the name on the top social networking sites , such as Twitter , Facebook , Instagram , and so on. D.

The same or similar name may cause confusion , and may have serious legal consequences , which can cost you a lot of money.

10. Using domain name generators for your ideas.

Currently, over 360 million domain names are registered. This leads to the fact ,that many people say , that all the good domains are already taken.

Manually searching for a single domain name can take a long time.

Typically, a free tool , which will automatically look for certain keywords , to help to find hundreds of different options and ideas.

Using domain name generators for your ideas

I can recommend using Nameboy , which is one of the oldest and most popular domain name generator tools on the Internet. You can also use the IsItWP domain generator.

11. Act fast , before someone will register your domain

Every day, thousands of new domain names are registered from all over the world. If you find a domain name , that you like , then do not wait too long.

Domain names are like real estate. Thousands of people are actively searching for good domain names brendiruemy , they can register for the best prices in the future.

If you do not act quickly , then someone can go ahead and register your domain idea.

Since domain names are relatively cheap , we always recommend our readers to act quickly. If you change your mind later, you can simply let him go after the expiration date.

The best places to buy a domain name

The best places to buy a domain name´╗┐
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