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Everyone knows , that any service , whether it be a car repair , a haircut at the barber or tailoring in the studio , is paid. Today to this list can be attributed and hosting service . But here the question arises: why pay the money , if there are manycompanies-providers providing this service free of charge or very cheaply ochon?

 Benefits of Free Hosting

The only advantage of free hosting is , that it is free. However , this alone can not cover all the disadvantages of this hosting.

Disadvantages of free hosting

Companies that provide free hosting , do not bear any responsibility to their customers , in other words, they do not guarantee you anything. Such companies make money on advertising , so your website will become another platform for advertising on it in the form of banners and ad units.

Free hosting will not be able to provide uninterrupted access to the pages of your site. When registering a free hosting service, you will receive a third-level domain (for example , http: // you_site.name_server.ru). Therefore, the hosting provider will be able to suspend or delete your site at any time without good reason. 

Technical support for free hosting also leaves much to be desired. If you have problems with the site , you will wait a very long time for the specialists to answer ,or you will not receive it at all.

In addition, free hosting limits you in size , providing , as a rule , a fixed disk space without the possibility of its further increase.

What does paid hosting offer ?

The basis of a paid hosting , provided pwhost.ru , it is a reliable , highly qualified service tech. support and professional equipment.

 What is included in the cost of hosting services?

In order to characterize the benefits of paid hosting , we consider it necessary to explain , what is included in the price of the service.

1. Licensed software

Licensed software. For the client – it is simple and easy to manage hosting ,deploying on a hosting site , working environment , which supports a large number of technologies , essential for any website.

2. Professional equipment

The cost of equipment ( or depreciation of equipment). Professional equipment is expensive , but this ensures fast loading sites , which increases the loyalty of visitors to our clients. 

Also, professional equipment allows to achieve reliability and fault tolerance.

Reliability refers to reliable storage of user data , the ability to restore them even in the event of equipment failure.

Fault tolerance implies the provision of customer service to customer sites always ,regardless of the number of customers , load peaks , access time , etc.

3. Placement of equipment in the data center Selectel in St. Petersburg .

The cost of equipment placement. The equipment should be located in professionaldata centers and connected to high-speed data transmission channels. All this ensures the stable operation of the servers (the servers work around the clock) and ensures fast loading of the sites ( content return to the site visitors). 

Our equipment is located in the Selectel data center in St. Petersburg and is connected to high-speed data transmission channels of 1 Gbit / s. With several independent channels.

4. Highly qualified technical support

Consultations of specialists of those. support Working on hosting implies a specialized education and high qualification.

Not all customers have the necessary level of knowledge , sufficient to solve the problems on their own. But this is not required. Highly qualified specialists must possess those. Support , which can help customers to address emerging technical issues it.

5. 24-hour automatic monitoring of server availability

In order , to provide even greater access to sites , the stable operation of hardware and software , all of our servers are connected to an automatic monitoring system.

In the event of any problems ( whether problems with data transmission channels ,power supply , software or hardware), all those service technicians. support immediately notified via e-mail and SMS-messages . This ensures instant reaction to the service of those support for the problem and measures for the early resolution of the problem. 

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