How do hosting servers cheat with rates

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Today we will talk about tariffs for 1C-Bitrix and other paid CMS ( content management system ( content , also called CMS-engine). 

Often hosters , taking advantage of the weak user experience, make separate rates for various paid CMS. Pointing to the fact , that this special rate , as well as a dedicated server , designed specifically to support and fast work CMS-engine .Almost always these tariffs are much more expensive than standard tariffs.

In fact, this is a myth , there are no tariffs , you will also be placed on a common server along with everyone , and you are not even guaranteed 100% site operation on this particular engine. 

Why special rates are not needed?

Let’s take the technical requirements for these CMS

Here are the requirements for 1C-Bitrix

PHP 5.6 and higher ( recommended version of PHP 7.1)

Apache 1.3 and higher

MySQL 5.0 and up


But the requirements for Joomla

PHP 5.3 and higher ( recommended version of PHP 7.1+)

Apache 1.3 and higher

MySQL 5.1 and up

For the rest of the CMS you can see about all the same requirements. Actually , it is the minimum standard of the program , set almost on any hosting.

But what about the optimization of PHP and MySQL for the desired CMS.

Perhaps such procedures are somewhere being done on some hosting , but I doubtit very much , because it is simply not profitable. You will open a standard account on a standard server. No one special server will hold , it is not profitable. And it is POSSIBLE that for optimization you will put in the site directory a file .htaccess ,php.ini , or .user.ini with the settings of php variables optimizing the work of php for the desired cms. But usually even this is not required. If required , you will always find these variables on the Internet or contact support for hosting.

If required , it makes no sense to overpay for a file and do everything yourself. For example , you can use here of the instructions would adjust that php for 1C-Bitrix on the cheap hosting tariff and not overpay for something , you do not need! And for other CMS, you don’t need any settings at all ,since everything will already work by default.

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