What Is A VPS / VDS Server?

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So what are VDS and VPS servers and how do they differ? Translated from the English Virtual Private Server (VPS) – a virtual private server, and Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) – a virtual dedicated server, which basically means the same thing, namely, a separate server for all your projects, which is not physically separate machine.

Those. Several virtual machines can be created on one physical server computer, each of which will work independently of the others, with its own operating system and applications.

In fact, you get a full-fledged dedicated server , but for much less money, which is great for small businesses and private users. Renting a physical dedicated server starts at $ 100 a month, and you can buy a virtual dedicated server from $ 10 a month or even cheaper (see the VDS / VPS review ).

What are the advantages of a dedicated server in general and a virtual dedicated server in particular?

The advantages are obvious – you know for sure that all the facilities for which you paid will serve exclusively your projects. And on your VPS server you can host as one large project (for example, a portal with thousands of visitors or a large online store), as well as hundreds of small sites that will share resources among themselves.

You will be sure that a torrent tracker or an online cinema site that will take away all traffic and server resources from others will not settle near your site.

You can connect any number of databases, mailboxes, domains or ftp-users, without limiting your needs.

If your projects need some special installed programs, you can always configure your server exactly for your tasks. And for this, you absolutely do not need to be a programmer or learn unix-commands. Even a schoolboy can do all the necessary actions using the capabilities of the ISPmanager server control panel.

In addition, for each of your site you can connect your personal IP-address, and you can even set up a DNS server and organize your own hosting, selling the resources of your VPS server. And for this, too, no special knowledge is needed – the ISPmanager Pro server control panel will help you with this.

As you see, a virtual dedicated server has a lot of advantages, it remains only to choose from the variety of offers on the market that which suits you personally.

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