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What is IP and TCP?

Internet Protocol ( IP) is an Internet address system and has the main function of delivering packets of information from the source to the target device. IP is the primary way to create network

Why hosting should be paid

Everyone knows , that any service , whether it be a car repair , a haircut at the barber or tailoring in the studio , is paid. Today to this list can be attributed and hosting service . But here the

Scary HTTP errors that may occur on the site and how to solve them.

Sometimes , on the hosting on your site there are not quite clear errors. To understand and solve them, you need to understand where to dig and where to look for the problem. Let’s analyze

Virtual hosting vs VPS server. All the pros and cons.

Let’s compare virtual hosting with virtual dedicated server. Consider all the disadvantages of virtual hosting and the advantages of a virtual dedicated server. VDS and VPS  – Virtual Dedicated Server (virtual dedicated