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How to choose the best domain name (11 tips and tools)

Choosing the right domain name for your site is crucial for your success. If you choose the wrong domain name , it can bring a lot of trouble later , to change then later without

What is IP and TCP?

Internet Protocol ( IP) is an Internet address system and has the main function of delivering packets of information from the source to the target device. IP is the primary way to create network

Site promotion using a domain name

A huge number of sites that are present in our time on the Internet , create a fairly extensive competition , She , in turn , helps to develop projects. But the fact is that the majority of informative sites have similar content

How to go from http to https – step by step instructions.

In the article “ Do I need an ssl certificate for an online store ?” We said that GOOGLE ranks secure sites with SSL above the rest. In addition, from 2017, GOOGLE will