What is IP and TCP?

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Internet Protocol ( IP) is an Internet address system and has the main function of delivering packets of information from the source to the target device. IP is the primary way to create network connections , which forms the basis of the Internet.IP does not handle packet ordering. This functionality requires a different protocol ,usually TCP .

TCP / IP attitude like sending someone messages , written in the form of puzzles ,through the mail. The message is recorded , and the puzzle is broken into pieces.Each part can then travel on to another mail route , some of which take more time ,than others. When puzzle pieces arrive after passing through their various paths , the pieces may not be ordered. Internet Protocol is to certify , that the parts arrive at their destination address. TCP can be thought of as a puzzle collector on the other side , which collects the pieces together in the right order , requests the missing parts and allows the sender to know , that the puzzle has been received.TCP maintains connection with the sender before sending the first piece of the puzzle and after sending the last piece.

IP  – this is a connectionless protocol , which means , that each data unit is individually addressed and routed from the source to the target device , and the purpose does not send an acknowledgment back to the source. TCP is used in conjunction with IP to maintain a connection between the sender and the target and to ensure the order of the packets.

For example , when sending an e-mail message over TCP, a connection is established and three-way handshaking is performed. First , the source transmits a “initial request” SYN packet to the target server to start the conversation. The target server then sends a SYN-ACK packet to negotiate with the process. Finally , thesource sends the target ACK to confirm the process , after which the content of the message can be sent. The email is ultimately broken into packets , before each packet is sent to the Internet , it crosses a series of gateways , and, Before arriving at the destination device , packet group re going to TCP in original email content.

TCP handshaking scheme

The basic version of IP , used today on the Internet , is the protocol IP version 4 ( the IPv4) . Due to size limitations with the total number of possible IPv4 addresses, a new protocol was developed. The newer protocol is called IPv6 , and it makes many more addresses available.

TCP vs UDP communication

A TCP connection , which is typically used to download the contents of a web page , requires confirmation , in which the recipient agrees to the connection before sending the data. UDP will send data without confirmation , even if the request is fraudulent.

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