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A huge number of sites that are present in our time on the Internet , create a fairly extensive competition , She , in turn , helps to develop projects. But the fact is that the majority of informative sites have similar content with other thematic sites , and site owners do not seek to improve their functionality , but only try to promote aweb resource through promotion methods.

But in addition to the standard methods of buying and exchanging links between sites , the possibility of promotion through the domain name .

Recently there was an opportunity to write a domain name in Cyrillic characters ,which was a response not only speculators, ( there was even a special speculator domain name), but also among the site owners , which made it easier to untwist sites. We hosting , such cheap domains cost from 64 rubles. for a year , register hundreds every day. 

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Search engines are attentive to domain names , since all site ranking algorithms are designed for keywords that are used on a web resource .

Search engines are attentive to domain names.
Search engines are attentive to domain names.

If a domain name consists of a high-frequency keyword , then this site will be more appreciated by search engines.

That is why all the high-frequency key phrases have long been dismantled into domain names. Cyrillic domain name , consisting of high-frequency keyword – is the path to a free promotion of website . If the keyword is memorable and frequently entered into a search string of people , you can assure yourself that , that site will rise in search results without the help of purchased links, and through other methods of promoting your website .

Search algorithms are very simple , search engines can not invest billions of dollars in the purchase of a large number of servers to function more powerful artificial intelligence for a comprehensive analysis of the billions of pages , it is much more profitable and easier to use unpretentious algorithms , to all pages packaged in archives search engines. You can track attendance with the help of statistics programs .

On this basis we can say with confidence , that no revolution in the evaluation of sites by the search engines is not expected in the coming years. And it means , that the reference mass analysis will be the only , the cheapest and most effective method of checking the quality of the web resource . To this you can add more and analysis of the behavior of people on the sites through tracking statistics , but there will be big restrictions , so as not to download too much search engine server power.

It is important to note , that the search engines are struggling to minimize costs ,and therefore , to define the meaning of content sites search bots need key phrases.

If you use a high-frequency keyword or phrase in the domain name of the site , then the chances of raising it to the top increase dramatically.

If you want to sell a domain , you can easily change the domain owner , how to do this you can read in the article ” How to change the domain owner ( administrator)? “.

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