Scary HTTP errors that may occur on the site and how to solve them.

Scary HTTP errors that may occur on the site and how to solve them. post thumbnail image

Sometimes , on the hosting on your site there are not quite clear errors. To understand and solve them, you need to understand where to dig and where to look for the problem. Let’s analyze the errors that most often occur on the hosting and the reason for them is not always clear.

Errors will be considered on the example of the server running on cPanel and theoperating system CloudLinux as we have on the hosting .

Error 403 ( Forbidden)

Error 403 ( Forbidden , access denied) can occur for one of several reasons: 

Invalid rights to .htaccess. Must be 644

Invalid launch file rights. Must be 644

Invalid rights to the public_html folder. Must be 750 or 755.

There is a line in the .htaccess file: Deny from all. It must be removed.

The protection is ModSecurity. It can be disabled in the cPanel section of the same name.

Error 500 ( Internal Server Error) or white page on the site

Most often this is a PHP error , to display the error, you must enable the PHP error log or error display. Section ” Change PHP version ” / Enable PHP options

Try to look at the ” Error Log ” in cPanel .

Very often these are errors in the .htaccess file , or wrong file permissions.Check that the files would have 644 permissions , and 755 folders. You cannot use permissions 777 or 666!

For CGI or Perl files, rights are usually set to 755.

These errors are usually visible in the Error Log.

Errors 503 ( Service Temporarily Unavailable) and 508 ( Resource Limit Is Reached), the service is temporarily unavailable or exceeded the limit. 

Each account on the server is allocated a certain number of worker processes that process user requests. Requests are sent to the server and queued. Light requests are processed quickly , and heavy problem requests are processed slowly ,slowing the progress of the queue. The same effect may occur if the site is growing traffic , and it lacks resources. When the queue length reaches a certain value , theserver stops accepting new requests , returning error 503 ( Service Temporarily Unavailable) and 508 ( Resource Limit Is Reached). 

First check , whether you have a disk is full. Often the error is due to this. This can be checked in cPanel in the column on the right or on the left ( depending on what topic you have included).

If the disk is not full , it is most often the cause is , that you have a plan with limited resources and you are covered by the restriction of use of virtual server resources.

Usually you are limited by CPU ( processor speed as a percentage of the 1st core), IO( disk speed in Kb / sec), Mem memory in megabytes , EP number of simultaneously running processes. 

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