VPS hosting – what is it?

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How does VPS hosting differ from virtual hosting and a dedicated server?

VPS is a type of web hosting. To place a website on the Internet, you will need to place the necessary files on the server. Setting up and managing a server is a complicated and expensive process. Paying for the same hosting services, the average users get a place on the server and are able to host sites on the network without having to install the server, since all they need to do is upload the necessary files to the server itself. Web hosting can be divided into three types:

  1. Shared hosting (virtual hosting).
  2. VPS hosting (virtual dedicated server).
  3. Dedicated Server hosting (dedicated server).

What unites these types of hosting is that they provide users with a place to host their own websites. They differ from each other in ways of installation, the available characteristics and the degree of customization available to the user.We offer: – 
Cheap registration of domains RU and RF . 
– Virtual hosting for WordPress , Joomla , Drupal and OpenCart . 
– Reliable and fast VDS servers on SSD drives.

Differences between Virtual and GVA Hosting


Choosing Dedicated hosting, you get the server in one-person order. This option is suitable for people who need traffic for sites or have specific requirements in the area of ​​server configuration. Dedicated server is needed not so extensive number of site owners.If you have just recently created a website and you do not yet have a large number of visitors, then one account on the server is more than enough for you. Shared hosting means that you constantly share server resources with other users.

If you studied the characteristics of a dedicated server, but nevertheless are not sure about the expediency of switching to a new tariff, then perhaps you should pay attention to VPS hosting.Linux VPS SSD hosting in Moscow with KVM virtualization – full access to a virtual private server, the ability to install the necessary software.

How does VPS hosting work, what is it?

The technology behind VPS hosting is identical to those used in VMware software or Virtual Box. These programs allow you to manage a number of virtualized operating systems on one machine.

As an example, your computer is already running under Windows 7, but now you get a chance to install the following operating systems on it: Windows XP or Linux, without rebooting the computer itself.

Operating System Virtualization

Our VPS hosting operates on the same principle. Having one physical server, we support several virtualized operating systems working on it at once. Each such virtualized system is a kind of dedicated server. Thus, you get the benefits of a dedicated server, but at a much lower price.We use KVM virtualization. In this case, each user is reserved all the resources corresponding to the tariff plan, regardless of their use. Even if you order a VPS-tariff with 2 GB of RAM to host a business card site – on the server these 2GB will be constantly reserved for you, despite the fact that 1-5% of them will be used.

Benefits of VDS Hosting

The main advantage is the price of a virtual hosting and the level of power and control inherent in a dedicated server.

  1. Privacy – since you do not share the operating system with anyone, there are no other users on the server who could access your files.
  2. Own settings – choosing a VPS server, you get at your disposal an individual operating system. It also means that you will have access to all sorts of server applications, including Apache, PHP and MySQL. If you need to improve these programs, you can personally configure the server based on your own preferences.
  3. Control – even if you install on the server applications that require a system restart, you can safely carry out your plans at any time. Technically speaking, you of course continue to share the physical server with other VPS servers, but nevertheless, rebooting your dedicated server will not negatively affect the rest.
  4. Dedicated resources – choosing a VPS server, you will always have a certain amount of RAM and processor resources. Unlike virtual hosting, no one will take away the resources of your server in those moments when you need them so much!

Administering a VPS Server

When choosing any tariff plan, our employees perform the basic server setup for free.

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