How To Choose VPS / VDS Hosting?

How To Choose VPS / VDS Hosting? post thumbnail image

Recently, more and more people are switching to virtual dedicated VPS or VDS servers . What it is, how they differ between themselves and what advantages they promise, read in the previous article . Now we will consider how to select from the presented variety exactly what you need and not waste your money.

Let’s start with the fact that there is very little information on VPS servers on the Internet, as a result of which novices are lost when choosing and in general they abandon the attempt to switch to a dedicated server. After all, the cost of VDS / VPS is higher than the cost of a simple hosting service, and nobody gives a guarantee that it will be possible to deal with the settings of a unix or linux server on your own.

So I once, having experienced all the disadvantages of a simple hosting, I decided to take a chance and go to VPS. Honestly, if it were not for my perseverance, this attempt would not end with anything and I still would not have a clue about virtual servers (if you are interested in this story, read here  about my adventures) .

Now, having experience with dedicated servers, I can share secrets. Consider the main criteria that interest the future client.

We will reason soberly, therefore there is nothing to hide – first of all the beginner is interested in price. And the lower it is, the more likely it is to risk it.

It’s no secret that a dedicated server, albeit a virtual one, is completely new to no-go without a stock of sites behind it. However, experienced site builders sometimes do not have a green idea about how to configure a VPS.

Therefore, first of all, a person wants to try his hand, to look at the server from the inside. Accordingly, a large capacity with an expensive tariff to him to anything.

As a result, all newbies end up on  First VDS , the cheapest and most popular VDS hosting. The working conditions there are really quite good, however, the weak processor power of the initial (read cheap) tariffs can spoil the first impression about dedicated servers to anyone.

Therefore, my first advice to you is that even when you first meet VPS technologies, pay attention to the processor power. It is desirable if it will be 1 GHz, because the speed of information processing and the work of scripts depends on the server’s power, respectively, and the opening of the site pages.

Only if you use simple html-sites without using databases, you can afford the power of the processor from 300 MHz. But why then pay for VPS, if a simple hosting is quite suitable for hosting such sites?

The next important indicator is RAM. The larger it is, the faster the databases work, the easier it is to “breathe” large projects. I do not advise taking less than 256 MB.

Now for free disk space. From this, of course, also depends the cost of the tariff plan. However, now the hard drives are so cheap that, as a rule, firms do not save on it. Therefore, even at the starting rate, you can get 5-10 gigabytes, which is enough not only for experiments, but also for hosting large projects.

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